Wayne State College

Staying Eligible

Treatment of Courses for SAP

Repeated Courses
Repeated courses count as attempted credit hours each time the course is taken and if credit is earned by receiving a passing grade, (repeats as well) it also counts as completed/earned credit hours in the Pace and Maximum Timeframe calculations.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
CLEP courses count as both attempted and completed credits.

Transfer Courses
Credits transferred to Wayne State College from another institution count as both attempted and completed credits; however, the credits are not included in the WSC grade point average calculation.

Dual Credit Courses
Dual credit courses count as both attempted and completed credits.

Withdrawing From a Course or Courses
Students who withdraw from credit hours must still maintain SAP policy requirements. If you have questions, please contact the Student Financial Services Office prior to withdrawing from credit hours.

Earning an incomplete Grade
An Incomplete course grade counts as credit hours attempted but will not count as credit hours completed/earned until a passing grade is assigned. An incomplete grade, like a withdrawn course, can negatively affect a student’s pace and financial aid eligibility.