Wayne State College

Staying Eligible

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal financial aid regulations require Wayne State College to establish and enforce standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). The purpose of this policy is to measure a student’s academic performance both in a qualitative and quantitative way. This is done by measuring both cumulative grade point average and credit hours earned. To continue receiving Federal and/or State financial aid, students must meet the minimum requirements set in Wayne State College’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Wayne State College measures satisfactory academic progress at the end of each semester (payment period). Summer is considered a separate semester. The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy applies to both undergraduate and graduate level students that participate in the following programs: Federal Pell Grant, Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, Nebraska Opportunity Grant, Federal Work Study, Perkins Loan, Federal Direct Stafford Loan, and Federal Direct PLUS Loan.

Student athletes will be allowed to receive athletic financial aid provided they are considered eligible for such aid per NCAA Bylaw 15.6 – Terms and Conditions of Awarding Institutional Financial Aid.

Financial aid recipients that do not meet policy requirements will receive written notification (email and/or letter) of the results of our evaluation of satisfactory academic progress, which discloses future financial aid eligibility status.


Questions concerning this policy or the appeal process should be directed to the Student Financial Services Office at [email protected] or 402-375-7229.