Wayne State College

Types of Aid

Federal and State Grants

You may qualify for one or more of the federal or state grants listed as part of your need-based financial aid award. Explore the four types of grants available (PELL, SEOG, NOG and TEACH).

Federal Loans

Student loans, unlike grants and work-study, are borrowed money and must be repaid, with interest, just like car loans and mortgages. Loans are legal obligations, so before you take out a student loan, think about the amount you’ll have to repay over the years.

Federal Work Study

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program provides job opportunities for undergraduate students to earn money to help offset educational expenses for the academic year. These funds are awarded by the college based on financial need and availability of funds.


Scholarships like grants are funds that do not require repayment. Wayne State College offers a wide array of scholarships to graduating high school seniors and current and transfer students.

Summer Aid

Students who wish to apply for any type of financial assistance for summer sessions at Wayne State College must complete the Summer Financial Aid application.

Aid for Graduate Students

Graduate students are eligible to receive Federal Stafford Loans. Wayne State is also authorized to award Graduate Assistantships in each graduate major field.

Military Tuition Assistance

The Military Tuition Assistance (TA) Program can help you pay for college. If you qualify, your service branch pays tuition directly to Wayne State College and can be used for undergraduate and graduate programs, either online or on campus.