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Identification Cards


ID cards are issued to all new students by the Student Financial Services Office. Your ID is designed to last the duration of your time on campus, so keep good care of it.

You Need Your ID Card to:

  • Check out books from the library
  • Gain admittance to the Recreation Center
  • Gain admittance to various campus events
  • Cash a check or pay a bill on campus
  • Eat in the cafeteria or use flex cash on campus (for those students who have a meal plan) 
  • Make copies. Use your card to use the copiers in the library, Student Center and Studio Arts. Add funds to your ID card in the library. 

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards 

ID cards are issued only once; you do not get a new card each year. 

Replacement of a lost card will cost $20.

A damaged card may be turned in for replacement at no cost. 

If your card is lost or stolen, please report it to Student Financial Services. 

New Students

New students will have their photo taken for their ID during a New Student Registration date in the summer. IDs can be picked up during New Student Orientation, held the weekend prior to the start of fall classes.

If you did not attend a New Student Registration date, you may have your photo taken during New Student Orientationn. Your ID will be available for pick up the first week of classes in the Student Financial Services office.