Wayne State College


Other Attire

Caps, gowns and graduate hoods are available to be picked up at the Wayne State College campus bookstore located in the Kanter Student Center. If necessary, you may call the bookstore at 402-375-7099 or 1-800-228-9972, Ext. 7099. Please check to see that you have been given the correct robe, mortarboard and tassel – bachelor’s robes have standard sleeves, master’s robes have a unique and oblong shaped sleeve with wrist openings. If you have received an incorrect robe please exchange this with the bookstore before the ceremony

We encourage men to wear dark trousers and dress shirts. All graduates should wear dark shoes. Please keep in mind that you will be walking up steps to receive your diploma and down steps to return to your chair.

Nothing should be worn on the outside of the robe, such as jewelry or flowers.

With regard to mortar boards, special requests that involve family traditions or cultural heritage should be submitted to the Registrar the week prior to commencemet and will be considered in consultation with the President. All other decoration or embellishment of the mortar boards will be considered inappropriate.