Wayne State College


Change in Majors or Degree Programs

The student who transfers from one major field to another, from one field of endorsement to another or from one degree to another must have his/her entire degree program reviewed by the Records and Registration Office. Changing any part of a student’s program (majors, minors, endorsements) to a new catalog will cause the student’s entire program (majors, minors, endorsements) to be changed to the new catalog. A student’s program (majors, minors, endorsements) must all be from the same catalog. The student must meet all degree requirements and academic regulations of the catalog in force at the time of the change.

Students who fail to earn 12 hours in any two-year period will have to meet the graduation requirements and academic regulations current at the time they re-enroll.

However, a student who adds an additional major(s) and keeps his/her existing major need not change to the current catalog unless the added major is only available in the current catalog.

Students must earn 12 hours in each two-year period to retain the privilege of continuing on their present programs.

Students who graduate from WSC will follow the catalog in force at the time they return to complete another program.