Wayne State College



Wayne State students must meet one of the following criteria to qualify for residency for tuition purposes. An official application and supportive documentation is required. Contact the Records and Registration Office for details.

Applications and all supportive documentation are due one week before classes begin.

  • Legal age (19+ years old). Or an emancipated minor, and have resided in Nebraska for a period of at least (180 days - 6 months) prior to applying.
  • Emancipated minor (less than 19 years old). Copy of parents’/guardian’s most recent federal tax return.
  • Not of legal age—Dependent of parents/guardian living in Nebraska.
  • Legal age—Dependent of parents/guardian living in Nebraska.
  • Marriage to a Nebraska resident.
  • Non-U.S. citizen. Complete Section III on the residency application form and check Immigration Service.
  • Undocumented alien. Provide proof of applying to or having petition pending with U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service if process has begun. Provide evidence of having graduated from an accredited Nebraska high school or equivalent.
  • Permanent full-time employee (or dependent/spouse) of a Nebraska post-secondary institution.
  • Active duty military or dependent/spouse.
  • Former resident of Nebraska. The 180-day period of residence is waived.
  • Resident of contiguous state working full time in Nebraska and has paid Nebraska income tax for most recent year or legal dependents of such resident.
  • Nonresidents working who pay Nebraska Income Tax, as well as their spouse and legal dependents.