Wayne State College


Satisfactory-No Credit Option

The Satisfactory-No Credit grading option encourages students to attempt courses in areas they might avoid because of lack of background. This grading option, therefore, extends the concept of the General Education curriculum.

Students are permitted to enroll for any course on a Satisfactory-No Credit basis within the normal college regulations and the limitations stated below. If a student passes the course with at least a “C”, the student receives credit and a grade of “S’’.

If the work is “C-’’ or below, the student receives no credit and a grade of “NC’’. Hours attempted (either satisfactory or no credit) are not calculated in the GPA.

A student’s instructor will not be informed that the student is enrolled under Satisfactory-No Credit. Following current procedures, final regular letter grades will be submitted by the instructor. The student’s grade will then be converted to Satisfactory-No Credit.

Rules governing the program:

  1. Any student may elect Satisfactory-No Credit by notifying the Records and Registration Office in writing within 30 calendar days following the first day of the semester or a comparable time period in the short sessions.
  2. No student may accumulate more than 12 semester hours of Satisfactory-No Credit.
  3. No more than six semester hours may be accumulated in any one academic year.
  4. No student will be permitted to receive Satisfactory-No Credit in the minimum requirements in the student’s major, minor, endorsement or professional education.
  5. No student will be permitted to receive Satisfactory-No Credit in more than two required General Education courses.
  6. Honors courses cannot be taken on a Satisfactory-No Credit basis.
  7. After a course is designated Satisfactory-No Credit, it may not be changed back to regular letter grading.
  8. A course receiving an S/NC grade cannot be used in a Master’s or Specialist degree program.
  9. “S” grades are not counted in minimum regular graded hours for the Dean’s List; “NC” grades eliminate students from the Dean’s List.