Wayne State College

Public Information

Snow and Ice Removal

The goal of Facility Services is to meet the transportation and mobility needs of the campus community, while working with available resources to maximize safety, and ensure daily college classes, activities, and operations continue to function successfully.

Snow and Ice Response Plan

Weather conditions will be monitored prior, during, and after winter weather events.

When winter weather events occur, Facility Services will plan to remove snow when accumulations reach 1 inch of depth. Snow removal will be performed to allow classes and campus activities to proceed as scheduled.

Icy conditions will be treated as necessary.

Areas will generally be addressed in the following priority to support the campus needs:

  • Emergency vehicle access points (i.e. streets/commons sidewalk)
  • Sidewalks and building entries leading from the residence halls to the Student Center, library, and Recreation Center
  • Academic building handicap entry doors and sidewalks
  • Commuter and faculty/staff parking lots
  • Remaining campus sidewalks and building entries
  • Live-on student parking lots

How You Can Help

Wayne State College Facility Services staff work diligently to clear snow and ice whenever winter weather events occur. Please exercise safety and precaution when approaching snow and ice removal vehicles. Your consideration will allow the Facility Services team to make the campus safe for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. If you see areas of concern, please contact Facility Services at 402-375-7274.