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Phonathon Results

Phonathon 2023: You helped us raise more than $200,000!

Thanks to you, our generous Wayne State alumni, friends, and parents, the Wayne State Foundation raised more than $200,000 in gifts and pledges through our annual Phonathon fundraising campaign.

Our 40 WSC student callers and four student managers enjoyed calling you earlier this year to update your information, share exciting progress happening at Wayne State, and ask you to consider making a gift to support the efforts of Wayne State College. Many of you responded with positive feedback, and we thank you for your support. When we launch our next calling campaign in January 2024, we encourage you to get to know your student caller and share your advice and experiences as a WSC graduate.

Phonathon 2024 will launch in November 2023 with a letter to past donors sharing the exciting advancements happening at Wayne State and stating our goals for the academic year. Phonathon calling will begin in January. You will have the opportunity to show your support for WSC by making a donation through the letter or in response to the call. If you have not been receiving phone calls, please be sure to update your information.

Your support makes a difference

Wayne State’s percentage of alumni giving (also known as alumni participation rate) is something all donors, at any level, can impact. The alumni giving percentage is a number the Wayne State Foundation can boast when reaching out to other foundations, businesses, and organizations for financial support. It’s evidence that our alumni believe in the mission of Wayne State College and are willing to give back.

No matter the size of the gift, your individual support is reflected in the alumni participation rate. In 2019, that number was 9.7%, and you can help that number grow. All gifts make a difference!