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What is an endowment?

An endowment is a permanent investment in the future of Wayne State College. Endowment funds are invested, rather than used as cash for immediate needs. The amount given by the donor (the “principal”) is never spent. A portion of the earnings from the endowment fund is distributed annually for the donor’s intended purpose (i.e. scholarships). The undistributed earnings stay in the fund, thus growing the endowment and allowing for larger distributions in the future. Wayne State Foundation has over 300 donor-designated endowment funds that support Wayne State College. Most of the endowments are for scholarships, but other funds support specific college departments and even the beautification of campus. At the time the donor makes a gift, the Foundation prepares an agreement that documents the donor's intended use of the endowment and the Foundation’s administration of the fund.

Who invests the endowment funds?

The Wayne State Foundation Executive Committee sets an investment policy for the endowment investment pool and chooses investment managers to invest the funds. The investment managers’ investment performance is consistently reviewed by the Foundation’s Audit and Finance Committee. The Foundation’s current investment manager is Commonfund, a non-profit investment company specializing in serving the needs of colleges and universities.

How is the principal invested?

The endowment funds are diversified between fixed income and equity holdings. The asset allocation is determined by the Wayne State Foundation Executive Committee.

How much is made available for distributions?

The Wayne State Foundation Executive Committee establishes policies to determine the amount of the endowment that is to be made available to be awarded from endowment earnings. The current policy sets the payout target rate at up to 4% of the average market value of the endowment fund over the prior three fiscal years.

What is the minimum funding level for an endowment?

The minimum funding level for a named endowed scholarship or program endowment is currently $10,000. Donors can choose to spread their contributions over a period of up to five years.

For more information contact:

Kevin Armstrong

Laura Robinett

Amber Sperry

Megan Finn

Endowed Scholarships and Programs

(Updated Fall 2019)

Frank Adams Endowed Scholarship
Affiliated Foods Cooperative, Inc. Scholarship
Laura Nagel Allen Endowed Scholarship
Melvin and Helen Allen Endowed Scholarship
Sayre Andersen - Vaughan Endowed Scholarship
Richard and Marjorie Armstrong Dyslexia Fund
Dr. Patricia Arneson and Marion Arneson Business & Athletics Endowed Scholarship
Romcyn Atelier Scholarship
Jack E. Backer Journalism Scholarship
Balsley - Whitmore Fund
Balsley - Whitmore English Literature Fund
Ralph and Ann Barclay Athletic Scholarship
Otto and Gladys Baumann Scholarship (2)
Otto and Gladys Baumann Football Program Fund
Otto and Gladys Baumann Women’s Athletics Fund
The Beacom and Demke Family Endowed Scholarship
A.D. Benson Memorial Scholarship
Eleanor Benthack Ingram Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Walter and Phebe Benthack Endowed Scholarship
John and Marilyn Bernthal Endowed Scholarship
Brad Bigelow Endowed Criminal Justice Scholarship
Christine Marmo Birney Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Kent Blaser Endowed Scholarship
Joseph F. Blazek Endowed Scholarship
Bloomquist-Slutz Memorial Music Scholarship
Darold and Maxine Bobier Endowed Scholarship
Darold and Maxine Bobier Math Scholarship in Memory of Jessie Boyce
Debi Bonds PRIDE Endowed Scholarship
James A. Bracken Memorial Scholarship
William A. Brandenburg Memorial Scholarship
Don and Carol Bremer Education Endowed Scholarship - Laurel
Don and Carol Bremer Education Endowed Scholarship - Neligh
Don and Carol Bremer Family Endowed Education Scholarship
The Melissa K. (Ernst) Brown Endowed Softball Scholarship
Dr. James Budde and Family Endowed Scholarship
Buethe Family Endowed Scholarship
George Ora and Amy Nora Burcum Memorial Scholarship
George K. Burcum Scholarship
Aletha Acers Steele Burgess Poetry Prize
Burtwistle Scholarship
Martin and Edith Buschkamp Scholarship
Albert G. Carlson Memorial Music Scholarship
Ronald G. Carlson Endowed  Scholarship
Joseph E. Carney Memorial Scholarship
Carrigg Family Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Mona Casady Campus Beautification Fund
Mona Casady and Lawrence Niewald Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Don Cattle Scholarship
Anneliese Cawthon Memorial Scholarship
Anneliese Cawthon Student Support Fund
Monte V. Chapin Music Scholarship
Pete Chapman Memorial Scholarship
Chi Omega Sorority Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Jeffrey T. Child Endowed Speech Communication Scholarship
Christensen Endowed Scholarship
Roy D. Christensen Memorial Scholarship
Donna Clark Memorial Scholarship
Class of 1936 Scholarship
Class of 1937 Scholarship
Class of 1938 Scholarship
Class of 1939 Scholarship
Class of 1940 Scholarship
Class of 1941 Scholarship
Class of 1942 Scholarship
Class of 1943 – 1946 Scholarship
Class of 1947 Scholarship
Class of 1948 Scholarship
Class of 1949 Scholarship
Class of 1950 Scholarship
Class of 1951 Scholarship
Class of 1952 Scholarship
Class of 1953 Scholarship
Class of 1954 Scholarship
Class of 1955 Scholarship
Class of 1956 Scholarship
Class of 1957 Scholarship
Class of 1958 Scholarship
Class of 1959 Scholarship
Class of 1962 Scholarship
Class of 1964 Scholarship
Claybaugh Family Wayne Community Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Richard and Marilyn Collings Endowed Honors Scholarship
Ardath Conn Scholarship
Phyllis M. Conner Honors Scholarship
Arthur and Edith Cook Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Denny M. Cook M.D. Scholarship
Dr. Denton L. Cook and Vivian H. Cook Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Paul Cook Memorial Scholarship
Tom and Pat Cook Endowed Criminal Justice Scholarship
Warren A. Cook Endowed Scholarship
Bob Cunningham Academic Scholarship
Bob Cunningham Athletic Fund
Bob Cunningham Student Athlete Scholarship
Dr. Stacy Dagle Memorial Scholarship
Edythe Wrigley Dale Scholarship
Fred Dale Athletic Scholarship
Gladys and Leo Dalton Education Scholarship
Leland E. and Margaret J. Dannals Endowed Scholarship
Martha Roe Davenport Endowed Scholarship
Chris S. Davey Memorial Rugby Scholarship
Freeman Bernard and Constance Herndon Decker Memorial Scholarship
S.K. deFreese Campus Ministry Endowed Scholarship
Freeman Bernard and Constance Herndon Decker Memorial Scholarship
Delta Kappa Gamma Endowed Scholarship
Delta Sigma Pi – Dr. Ken Halsey Scholarship
Bill Demke Endowed Scholarship
Janis A. Dislevy Endowed Chair
Janis Ann Dislevy Trust Endowed Scholarship
Theodore and Mary Dohrman Scholarship Fund
Ray K. and Marjorie L. Dover Memorial Fund
Henry Ashley Edsall Memorial Scholarship
Edward Jones Scholarship
Ellermeier Library Endowment Fund
Janice and Norman Ellis Endowed Scholarship
Eminov Family Memorial Scholarship
Arnold Emry Commitment to Education Scholarship
Dr. Kenneth & Caroline McDonald Eng Agricultural Endowed Scholarship
Bob and Debbie Enz Academic Endowed Scholarship
Dr. David and Kellie Ensz Endowed RHOP Scholarship
Robert and Debbie Ensz Rural Law Opportunities Program Endowment
David and Donna Ewing Endowed Scholarship
Family and Cunsumer Science Endowed Scholarship
Family and Consumer Sciences Alumni Scholarship
Daniel Ference Scholarship
Stanley and Mildred Griffith Fields Memorial Scholarship
Ron and Kathy Fink Memorial Endowed Scholarship
First Nebraska Bank of Wayne/Wayne Community Scholarship (2)
James M. Fletcher Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Joshua Ford Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Harold and Mae Frey Endowed Scholarship
Friends of Music Scholarship
Eleanor Fuhrman Endowed Education Scholarship
Bob and Dolores Gaeta Baseball Scholarship
Gardner Foundation Athletic Scholarship Endowment
Daniel W. Gardner Fund for Intercollegiate Athletics
Jeanne Gardner Black & Gold Performing Arts Endowment
Garwood Scholarship
General Endowed Scholarship Fund
Mary Lou Gleason Memorial Scholarship
Gnuse-Krohn Scholarship
Karen Granberg PRIDE Endowed Fund
Ralph and Irene Gray Endowed Scholarship
Charles B. Griffin and Florence Kindler Griffin Endowed Scholarship
Art and Lyle Grone Endowed Scholarship
Mary Frances Surber Gross Endowed Scholarship
Maria Grovas Scholarship in Spanish
Gulliver Memorial Scholarship
Kent and Lois Hall Memorial Scholarship
Hanawalt Memorial Scholarship
Jenny Rae Hascall Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Nancy Hebble PRIDE Endowed Scholarship
Jeanelle Heermann Elementary Education Scholarship
Jim and Joy Ley Hein Scholarship
Frank and Elsie Heine Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Myrle and K. Leone Hemenway Education Endowed Scholarship
Lowell Henney Memorial Scholarship
Coach W. Ray Hickman Memorial Scholarship
H.I.G. Endowed Business Scholarship
Donna Sonner Holmes Endowed Scholarship
David P. Holt PRIDE Endowed Scholarship
Patty Holt PRIDE Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Ronald Holt Endowed Scholarship
Ron Holt Endowed Civic Engagement Award
Dennis and Marcia Hult Elementary Education Endowed Scholarship
Dennis and Marcia Hult Mathematics Education Endowed Scholarship
Marcia Wiese Hult Elementary Education Endowed Scholarship
Jim and Vera Hummel Scholarship
Maxine Humphrey PRIDE Endowed Scholarship
E.J. Huntemer Scholarship
Walter G. Ingram Scholarship
Robert L. and Elayne M. Jacobson Endowed Scholarship
Ross P. James and Helen M. Hensel James Scholarship
David and Darlene Janovy Endowed Scholarship
Dr. J.S. Johar Endowed Scholarship
Arlene S. Jones Teacher Scholarship
Cyrus V. and Francina L. Jones Memorial Scholarship
Elaine B. (Lundberg) and Hayden C. Jones Endowed Music Scholarship
Karen Cory Jones Memorial Scholarship
Laurence L. Jones Athletic Scholarship
Lucille Schulte Jones Endowed Scholarship
Mildred Reed Jones Memorial Scholarship
S. Edwin Jones – Kay Corporation Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. T.T. Jones / Helen Addy Brown Endowed Scholarship
Robert Jordan Scholarship
Paul Jonathon Ewald Jorde Pre-Med Scholarship
Rod Jorgensen Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Barbara K. Kanter Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Jean C. Karlen Endowed Sociology Scholarship
Kay Memorial Scholarship
Bob Keating Memorial Business Endowed Scholarship
John R. Keith Scholarship
Ray Kelton Memorial Music Scholarship
J.F. Kennedy Peace Scholarship
Emma Kienke Student Loan Fund
Genevieve and Emil Klabenes Family Endowed Scholarship
Ursula Wriedt Klatt Endowed Scholarship
Matt Kneifl Endowed Track Scholarship
Bill & Valerie Koeber Endowed Music Scholarship
Alice Korth and Gale Bathke Education Endowed Scholarship
Gary Krallman Endowed Scholarship
Jerry Krause Physical Education Endowed Scholarship
Lou Ann Landholm Endowed Scholarship
Paul and Sally Latta Student Loan Fund Endowment
LDL / Russ Rasmussen Physical Science Scholarship
Ida Lenhouts Endowed Osmond Community Scholarship
J.G.W. Lewis Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy Ley Learning Disabilities Scholarship
Henry Ley Theatre Scholarship
Rollie W. Ley Scholarship
Dorothy Lichty Memorial PRIDE Endowed Scholarship
Lienemann and Hillyer Family Endowed Scholarship
Lindau-Reeg Music Scholarship
Betty Jones Lindner Scholarship
Carl and Norma Linster Memorial Scholarship
Linster Family Athletic Scholarship
Richard and Bonnie Lund Endowed Scholarship
Deborah (Jones) and Bruce Lundahl Endowed Scholarship
Louise Wendt Lundquist Memorial Scholarship
Maier Endowed Science Scholarship
Dick Manley Endowed Journalism Scholarship
Larry and Geraldine Manning Academic Endowed Scholarship
Larry and Geraldine Manning Athletic Scholarship
Marburger-Lyman Keya Paha County Community Scholarship
Donnie Mash Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Donald Mash Operating Endowment
Evelyn Thomsen McClain Community Scholarship
James Clayton McClain and William S. Davis Community Scholarship
Rebecca McClain Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Terry J. McClain Department of Business & Economics Endowment
Dorothy Glover McClellan Music Scholarship
Morland G. McManigal Scholarship
Dr. Archie L. and Margaret P. McPherran Scholarship
Don and Jean Means Memorial Scholarship
Susan and George Menking Endowed Psychology Scholarship
Dean A. Metz Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Sandra L. Metz Memorial Scholarship
Herb and Sherry Mignery Scholarship
Bob and Marie Miller Memorial Scholarship
Leah Jeanne Miller Memorial Business/English Scholarship
Adrian and Jon Minks General Operating Fund Program Endowment
Victor P. and Amy L. Morey Memorial Scholarship
Darold Bobier Coach Morrison Memorial Endowed Scholarship
J. Marlene Mueller Studio Arts Endowed Scholarship
Jean Mueting and Ardith Wacker Elem Ed Endowed Scholarship
Nebraska Teacher World Education and Diversity Endowed Scholarship
Neihardt Scholarship Fund
Lisa L. Nelson Service Learning Endowed Scholarship
Netherda Scholarship
Faith Nuernberger Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Northeast Nebraska Insurance Agency Athletic Endowment
Dr. Jed O'Leary Endowed Music Scholarship
Robert and Ruth Harm Olsen Scholarship
Cobb and Margaret Olson Memorial Scholarship
Harold and Beverly Olson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Omaha Wildcat Golf Classic Endowed Scholarship
Omaha World Herald Scholarship
Bruce and Sheri O'Neel Endowed Scholarship
Alvin E. and Edna Fauss Osburn Endowed Scholarship
Brad Ottis Athletic Scholarship
Palmer Family TRiO Program Endowment
Randall A. and Rozan Pedersen Endowed Scholarship
Ruby V. Pedersen Excellence in English Scholarship
Pepsi-Cola of Siouxland Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Dwain and Carole Petersen Music Education Endowed Scholarship
Nana M. Peterson Memorial Scholarship
Rose and Nola Peterson Family Scholarship
Val and Elizabeth Peterson Memorial Scholarship
Walter and Lucille Peterson Endowed Scholarship
Phi Beta Lambda Scholarship
Pick Six Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Ned J. Pickett and Dr. Carol Wiltse-Potts Medical Scholarship
Marilyn Haitz Pierson Endowed Music Scholarship
Mark Deming Pingrey and Barbara Bucknam Pingrey Endowed Scholarship
Richard “Dick” Poehling Community Scholarship
Lynley M. Potts Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Terrace J. Potts Computer Science Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Frank Prather Memorial Scholarship
Greg Pribil Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Jon Putnam Special Education Scholarship
Randol Family Endowed Scholarship
Russ and Charlene Rasmussen PRIDE Endowed Scholarship
Arnie Reeg / Wayne Community Scholarship
Bob Reeg Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Joseph and Emily Bigge Reestman Scholarship
J. Kevin Reeves Memorial Theatre Arts Endowed Scholarship
Patrick Reichenbach Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Robert and Josiane Reinhardt Journalism Endowed Scholarship
David Remmen Memorial Graduate Assistant Award
John D. Rice Memorial Scholarship
Riedmann Family Endowed Scholarship
April Wylie Riesberg Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Mim Riessen Continuing Education Scholarship
Riessen-Reed Scholarship
John David Robinson Scholarship
Alexis Ann Rohrberg Memorial Scholarship
Rundquist Family Scholarship
Cornell and Diana Runestad Music Scholarship
Byron A. Russell Memorial Scholarship
Helen Russell Memorial Scholarship in Acting
Keith and Mona Sailors Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Neil and Bonnie Sandahl Scholarship
Charles and Dr. Sharon Sass Endowed Scholarship
Kathryn Reimers Sass Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Faye Bowyer Saxton Scholarship
Raymond and Mildred Schreiner Memorial Scholarship
Lynn and Chris Schreurs Physical Education Endowed Scholarship
Gene and Kathy (Weber) Schwarting Math Education Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Leon and Mrs. Lois Scott Memorial Scholarship
Lettie Scott Memorial Scholarship
Lyle and Ginny Seymour Endowed Scholarship
Jeff Shabram / Burger King Endowed Scholarship
John Patrick Sherlock Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Orville and Hallie Sherry Endowed Scholarship
Dr. S.B. Shively & Edna Tuttle Shively Memorial Endowed Scholarship
George L. and Deborah C. Shuck Business Endowed Scholarship
Gordon Shupe Memorial Scholarship
Dr. LeRoy and Marian Simpson Endowed Track Scholarship
Dr. William E. Slaymaker Endowed Scholarship
Señor O.F. Sletwold Spanish Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship
Gary and Janice Small Endowed Scholarship
Larry L. Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Paul A. Sobansky Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Alex and Faye Spanos Endowed Scholarship
Randal D. Srb Music Endowed Scholarship
Steve Srb Education Endowed Scholarship
Science, Math & Technology Endowed Scholarship in Honor of the Stammer Family
Patricia A. Stander Endowed Scholarship
State Nebraska Bank Endowed Soccer Scholarship
State Nebraska Bank & Trust / Wayne Community Scholarship (3)
Dr. Sheila Stearns Lecture Series Endowment
Lowell Stelck Memorial Scholarship
David E. Stevens Memorial English Education Scholarship
Student Scientific Research Scholarship
Francis J. & Marilyn J. (Allstot) Sudbeck Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Paul D. and Marcia J. Swanson Dental Endowed Scholarship
Rudolph D. Swartz Endowed Scholarship
Sweeney Endowed Scholarship
Tau Kappa Epsilon Memorial Scholarship
A.V. Teed Memorial Scholarship
Clara Ann Tennis Special Education Endowed Scholarship
Theta Phi Alpha Scholarship
Lawrence Travis Memorial Scholarship
Rod Varilek Scholarship
Tamra J. Viterna Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Clifford V. and Melba C. Wait Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Ida M. Warner Memorial Scholarship
Marlyn and Patricia (Marquardt) Washburn Endowed Scholarship
Wayne Kiwanis Circle K Scholarship
Wayne Rotary Club Rotaract Scholarship
Webber Memorial Mathematics Scholarship
Roberta “Mom” Welte Scholarship
WEOPA Endowed Scholarship
Irol Whitmore Scholarship
Lillian and Llewelyn Whitmore Scholarship
Alice Whitt Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Roland Whitt Endowed Speech Communication Scholarship
Harold E. Willey Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Gene and Joan Willmott Scholarship
G.I. Willoughby Endowed Scholarship
Wiltse Scholarship
Dr. H. Nicholas and Joyce J. (Pilger) Windeshausen Osmond Community Scholarship (2)
Dr. H. Nicholas and Joyce J. (Pilger) Windeshausen Plainview Community Scholarship (2)
David and Freda Wolf Scholarship
Willard Wollenhaupt - Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship
Cecil and Opal Wriedt Memorial Scholarship
Zink-Keidel / Stuart Community Scholarship


Annual Scholarships

updated Fall 2019

Annual Scholarships are funded annually for a minimum amount of $500. One hundred percent (100%) of the proceeds go towards the scholarship award.

Aventure Staffing Annual Scholarship
Dan Barcus Business Administration Annual Scholarship
Dr. Randy Bertolas Geography Scholarship
Black Hills Energy Annual Scholarship
Bomgaars Annual Scholarship
O.R. Bowen Annual Scholarship
Business Faculty Annual Scholarship
Butler Philosophy Scholarship
Alexis Victoria Calfee and Christopher Ryan Oberg Annual Scholarship
Carhart Lumber Company Annual Scholarship
CFO Systems Annual Accounting Scholarship
Criminal Justice Alumni Annual Scholarship
CTIS Annual Scholarship
CTIS Retired Faculty Annual Scholarship
EducationQuest Foundation Scholarship
Bob and Debbie Ensz Athletic Annual Scholarship
F&M Bank Wayne Annual Scholarship
Family and Consumer Sciences Faculty Annual Scholarship
Foreign Language Program Fund
Dr. Laura Franklin Annual Scholarship
Curt and Dianne Frye Annual Athletic Scholarship
General Annual Scholarship Fund
Golden Apple Award
Lea Greathouse Annual Scholarship
Hass Foundation Annual Scholarship
Haven Fund
Heritage Homes/Heritage Industries Annual Scholarship
David Holt PRIDE Annual Scholarship
Kirk and Debra Hutton Annual Scholarship
ITE Faculty Skills USA Scholarship
Dick and Becky Keidel Wildcat Annual Scholarship
Kietzmann and Hammer Scholarship in Field Biology
Kiewit Building Group Annual Scholarship
Keri Ann (Kamrath) Lazure PA-C Cross Country Annual Scholarship
Robert M. and Hellen A. Lehr Pre-Nursing Memorial Scholarship
LaVera Marie Cram McCallum Elementary Education Annual Scholarship
Loard and Lady Menking Annual Scholarship
Michael Foods Scholarship
Jenny Moul Memorial Scholarship
Nebraska Society of CPA’s Annual Scholarship
Ken and Anne Nolte Annual Athletic Scholarship
Northeast Nebraska Public Power District Annual Scholarship
Pac N Save Scholarship
Pac N Save Student Appreciation Annual Scholarship
Pacific Coast Feather Company Annual Scholarship
PEO Chapter AZ Wayne Biennial Scholarship
Physical Science Annual Scholarship
Quality Food Center/IGA Annual Scholarship
Marysz and Steven Rames Annual Scholarship
Reaching Your Potential Annual Scholarship
Bill and Betty Reeg Annual Scholarship
Dale L. Riehart Annual Broadcasting Scholarship
Don and Tamara Rinehart Annual Track & Field/Cross Country Scholarship
Regina Roth College Center Annual Scholarship
Tom and Cindy Schmitz Broadcasting Annual Scholarship
JB Mart Second Guessers Annual Football Scholarship
Dr. LeRoy and Marian Simpson Annual Physical Education Scholarship
LeRoy and Marian Simpson Annual Track Scholarship
Donald and Diane (Massman) Soukup Annual Scholarship
Special Band Day Annual Scholarship
State Nebraska Bank & Trust Annual Scholarship
Swanson Football Scholarship
Carl and Hilda Urwiler Memorial Annual Scholarship
WAED Annual Scholarship
Milton and Miriam Waldbaum Annual Scholarship
Joseph and Jamie Wall Annual Baseball Scholarship
Wayne Rotary Club Annual Scholarship
Wildcat Annual Scholarship
Wildcat Student Athlete Annual Scholarship
Wilson Family Scholarship
Wilson Family Student Teacher Scholarship
Wiser Family Trust Annual Scholarship
WSC Wrestling Club Annual Scholarship
Reggie and Marilyn Yates Football Scholarship