Wayne State College

Officers and Senators

Four Senators are elected every year. Each group of four serves a two-year term with no more than four new Senators each year. If a Senator is completing the term of a Senator that was in his or her second year, that Senator will be up for re-election. New Senators are seated during the annual meeting each summer.

The Senator elected to the position of Chair is required to serve at least a three-year term including the positions of Chair-elect, Chair and past Chair. It is recommended that a Senator be elected to the position of Chair-elect in the first term of a two-year term, resulting in a three-year term. If a Senator is elected to the position of Chair-elect in the second year of a two-year term, he or she is automatically extended to a second two-year term.


Chair - Wendy Winstead
Vice Chair/Chair Elect - Terri Buck
Past Chair - Max Lemke
Treasurer - Dawn Hirschman
Secretary - Linda Anderson


Athletics - Linda Anderson and John Schwarte
NATS - Max Lemke
Academic Services - Lisa Nelson, Dawn Hirschman, and Wendy Winstead
Administrative Services - Terry Buck and Abbie Jueden
Student Services - Open