Wayne State College

Evaluation of Transfer Credit

Will my credit transfer?

Wayne State College enrolls many transfer students each semester and accepts transfer credits from regionally accredited post-secondary institutions. The following guidelines apply to the evaluation of transfer credit to determine what coursework from previous institutions will be accepted at Wayne State College. Also, you can view our transfer guides for other colleges.

General Guidelines

  • Only official transcripts received by the Office of Admissions at Wayne State College will be evaluated. Hand carried transcripts are not official.
  • Evaluations will be conducted after you have been admitted to Wayne State College.
  • Credit will be awarded for grades of "C-" or better from courses taken at a regionally accredited institution. Credits from institutions not carrying such accreditation will not be accepted, except on appeal or through an existing articulation agreement.
  • You may transfer up to a combined total of 66 hours from all accredited community or junior colleges attended.
  • Additional considerations may be given for your transfer of credit when agreed to in an articulation agreement between Wayne State College and your previous institution(s).
  • If, after receiving the official results of the transfer credit evaluation, you believe additional credit should be awarded, an appeal may be filed. Appeal forms are available from the Records and Registration Office or download a printable version here. Follow the instructions on the form.

Students entering WSC with college credit earned from one of the six regionally accredited institutions (Middle States Association, New England Association, North Central Association, Northwest Association, Southern Association, and Western Association) are given advanced standing classification with ranking determined after an evaluation of such credit by the Records and Registration Office. Transfer grades are not included in the WSC cumulative grade point calculation.

Transfer students are expected to meet all academic requirements of WSC.

Sending Transcripts

A transfer student must have an official transcript of credit sent directly to the Office of Admissions from the Registrar’s Office at each collegiate institution previously attended. Official transcripts are required for an accurate evaluation of transfer credit. Transcripts presented directly by the student are not official and will not be used for evaluation of transfer credit.

Appropriate arrangements must be made with the Office of Admissions if this requirement is not met at the time of expected enrollment.

Course Credit Requirements

Lower level (100, 200) transfer courses, which meet upper level (300, 400) requirements, do not count toward the 40-hour upper level requirement at WSC.

Only transfer courses with a “C-” or better grade can be accepted; credit for a course in which the student earned a grade below “C-” is not accepted. Credit for non-college level courses, such as Distance and Continuing Education units, experiential learning, etc., will not be accepted. Developmental or transitional courses (non-college level) will not be accepted toward any WSC degree. Credits by institutional exam from other schools are not accepted for transfer at WSC. No more than two hours of athletic squad participation can be accepted.

Evaluating Credit

The maximum number of credits accepted in transfer toward the major and/or minor varies, depending on the chosen program of study, and the School. The decision as to applicability of courses will be made by the department chair and approved by the Dean. All students, including transfers, are responsible for fulfilling all degree requirements as outlined in the WSC Catalog.

Transcripts from non-accredited institutions, technical-trade schools, proprietary schools, industry-sponsored schools, etc., are reviewed by the department offering courses similar to the courses stated on the transcripts. The department chair recommends to the Records and Registration Office which courses or combination of courses to accept in transfer, the semester credit hours to award, and the course equivalency. WSC reserves the right to require successful completion of specific courses and/or up to two semesters of coursework at WSC before considering or granting transfer credit from such institutions.

Articulation Agreements

WSC currently has articulation agreements with the following schools:

We also have an Agricultural Education 1+2+1 Academic Transfer joint program agreement with Northeast Community College/University of Nebraska Lincoln College of Ag Sciences and Natural Resources.

Joint Enrollment

Currently enrolled students who plan to take courses at another institution to apply in a program and qualify for financial aid at Wayne State College, including through the Nebraska State College System Joint Enrollment program, should contact the Records and Registration Office for prior approval.