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How much do parking permits cost?

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Does my permit allow me to park anywhere on campus?

No. Only in designated areas. From 5 p.m. until midnight with a valid permit, you can park on campus streets noticing not to park in 15-min. zones, handicap stalls or fire lanes.

Any person registering a vehicle on campus is STRONGLY encouraged to read the parking regulations.

What do I do while my vehicle is getting repaired or I have to bring a different vehicle to campus temporarily?

You can get a temporary parking permit for no charge from Campus Security or the Hahn Administration Student Financial Services Office.

Do my guests need a permit to park on campus?

Yes. Guest parking permits are free and available from Campus Security or the Hahn Administration Student Financial Services Office.

Are 15-minute zones enforced all day?

Yes. They are enforced 24-hours-a-day, seven days-a-week.

How do I report a crime, vandalism to my car/dorm possessions or a stolen parking permit?

Contact Campus Security at 402-375-7216. In life threatening situations immediately, call 911.

Am I allowed to bring my car onto campus to load/unload my belongings before 5 p.m.?

Yes. When possible use the 15-minute zones or simply contact Campus Security to make them aware you are loading/unloading your vehicle.

I enjoy the outdoors and am an avid hunter. Can I bring my hunting weapon to campus?

No. Weapons are not allowed on campus.

Are students allowed to work in the security department?

Yes. Stop by the Campus Security Office or Human Resources Office to inquire.

Will Campus Security unlock my vehicle if I lock my keys in the car?

Yes. Campus Security will unlock, jump start and put air in flat tires free of charge. The vehicle must be on campus property. Campus Security will not change flat tires.

What do I do if I sell my vehicle with the original parking permit on it?

Bring the original parking permit to the Student Financial Services Office and it will be replaced free of charge.

Can I dispute a parking ticket?

Yes, tickets can be contested within 10 business days after the date of the ticket. Contact Student Services at 375-7213 to make arrangements for contesting a ticket or visit the Kanter Student Center, room 201. Appeals must be received in the office no later than the 10th business day to be reviewed. Appeals beyond that time frame will not be considered.

What are the blue lights for?

Blue Light phones are for emergencies only or to report a crime.

I feel uneasy walking across campus late at night.

You can contact Security and they will provide you with an escort on campus property only.

How do I get from the parking lot to my dorm room and/or class if I am temporarily on crutches or am handicapped?

If Security is available, they will transport you on campus property. Please remember Campus Security may not be able to transport injured (crutches, handicap, etc…) persons at all times.

Do you allow motorcycles on campus?

Yes. Motorcycles follow the same rules and regulations as any other vehicle. Parking permits are required on motorcycles.

Where do I stick my permit on my car?

The parking permit is to be placed on the lower left, outside on the rear window of your vehicle. A diagram explaining this comes in the parking regulations. If you have any questions please contact Campus Security.

What happens if I get too many parking violations?

Fines double with the third violation, and parking privileges will be revoked for the scholastic year with the fifth violation.