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Campus Security

What We Do

Campus security

Wayne State College Security believes that a community committed to the prevention of crime promotes the safest possible environment. That's why our focus is on crime prevention and campus safety. Here's how we do that.

Campus Patrol 

Officers patrol the campus on foot, on bicycle and in a marked security vehicle. Officers provide a visible deterrent and active response to criminal activity.

Escort Services 

Escort services are available to campus members and visitors. A campus Security Officer or campus safety patrol personnel will accompany pedestrians on campus property during night-time hours or anytime a person is apprehensive about walking alone.

Security Shuttle Service 

Security shuttle service will provide transportation to campus members. The shuttle is driven by a uniformed security officer and radio dispatched by WSC Campus Security.

Crime Prevention Officer 

A full-time Crime Prevention Officer presents programs to educate, inform and encourage all members of the college community to practice crime prevention techniques. The information and programs available from the Crime Prevention Officer include:

  • Student and parent orientation
  • Crime prevention techniques
  • Personal property security
  • Sexual harassment, assault & rape prevention
  • Victim assistance
  • Brochures, videos and other materials
  • Programs and presentations are scheduled annually and are also available upon request.
  • Maintenance and security of campus facilities are the responsibilities of the entire campus community. Staff members attend to the college‚Äôs buildings and grounds with consideration for safety and security. Report irregular conditions, such as broken windows or locks, burned out lights, or other hazards, to the Security Department, 402-375-7216. The security officers will respond promptly to safety and security concerns. Security will contact maintenance staff in a timely manner and inform them of each situation.

Crime Alerts

Crime alerts and crime reports are released when serious crimes occur that are considered to be a continuous threat to members of the campus community. When circumstances warrant, information may be provided to the campus community through:

  • Emails
  • Fliers
  • Personal Notification
  • Wayne Stater-student newspaper
  • KWSC radio station
  • KWSC television station
  • Employee Newsletters

Lock Outs and Flat Tires

If you have locked your keys in your car or have a flat tire, Campus Security can help. We can unlock your car and fill up your tire.