Wayne State College

Workplace Emergency Preparedness Guidelines

Create Your Site-Specific Emergency Procedures Document

Identify Procedures for Specific Hazards

After conducting the site assessment, the emergency procedures team leader should organize a meeting with the rest of the planning team. At this meeting, the team should review the Wayne State College Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide (wsc.edu/campus-security) and create a set of specific procedures for each of the hazards listed.

When creating site-specific procedures, use the information gathered from the site assessment to customize your emergency procedures. Discuss the challenges you would face for each hazard and come up with a simple solution using the resources in your office. This interaction promotes understanding of a workplace’s unique emergency procedures.

Use Diagrams and Maps

Determine a main point of contact and a back-up contact for your office who can account for each employee’s safety. Ensure that all employees have these individuals’ cell phone numbers so they can check-in following an event.

Emergency Communication Code Word

You will also need to establish an emergency communications code word. This word serves as a discreet prompt to notify authorities of a problem. For example, use this word in the event of a hostile visitor whom you would like to discreetly report to the police.