Wayne State College

Workplace Emergency Preparedness Guidelines

Conduct a Site Assessment

The emergency preparedness office team should tour your location to identify the best and most efficient emergency procedure applications according to your area’s resources and potential hazards.

Building/Office Area Tour

While touring the area, consider the following items and make notes for reference:

  • Exits (including windows on the first-level area)
  • Doors/Areas that can be secured
  • Available means (furniture, door stops, etc.) to secure an area that does not have a locking door
  • Location of fire extinguishers, AEDs, emergency phones, and fire alarm pull stations
  • Evacuation routes (identify more than one)
  • Gathering areas after evacuation

Shelters Within the Building

Identify the best area within your building to take shelter in the event of a tornado, earthquake, or other severe weather. Consider the following:

  • The lowest floor (or basement) of the building
  • A location that is not near windows
  • If the lowest floor contains windows, look for ground-floor restrooms or stairwells
  • Alternatively, gather in an interior room or hallway and create a protective barrier with furniture (however, do not take shelter under furniture)

Building Evacuation

Identify an outdoor meeting location (rally point) 500 feet from the building in the event of an evacuation, keeping in mind the following factors:

  • Ensure there is at least one building between the evacuees and the building being evacuated
  • Identify a primary and secondary location—the secondary may be inside another building if the evacuation happens during inclement weather
  • Assign a person from the office to account for staff, students, and visitors to ensure that everyone has vacated the building

Evacuation Considerations

When conducting the site assessment, consider which actions or procedures need to be addressed for persons with disabilities or special needs. Also take into consideration that you may have visitors who will need assistance if an emergency occurs