Wayne State College

Workplace Emergency Preparedness Guidelines


The Wayne State College Crisis Prevention Team has set forth guidelines for students, faculty, and staff in the event of an emergency on campus. View all emergency guidelines and procedures.

These guidelines provide simple, concise instructions for reacting to a number of potential campus emergency situations. Please take the time to read and be familiar with these emergency procedures.

Developing Workplace Emergency Procedures

To increase the level of preparedness of the Wayne State College Campus, we recommend that all departments of each institution, and each office or floor of all buildings on campus, create a location-specific workplace emergency procedures guide.

The information contained in this document provides instructions and templates for creating office-specific emergency procedures, identifying important risks to consider when developing a site-specific guide.

Emergency Procedure Questions

Please direct questions or concerns to the Wayne State College Campus Security Department.

Contact: Jason Mrsny, Security Manager
[email protected]

Contact: Brandon Ziska, Crime Prevention/Safety
[email protected]