Wayne State College

Campus Emergency Procedures


If You Discover A Fire…DO NOT PANIC – Remember: (R–E–D)

  • React – Take alarms, indication of smoke or fire seriously. Warn others, activate the alarm.
  • Evaluate – Judge the level of threat & conditions of immediate area; and the needs of others.
  • Decide – Two choices: Follow the plan & leave immediately; if you are unable to leave move to a safe area and take defensive action (faculty/staff should direct students to that area).

Anyone reporting a fire or explosion should call 911 from any campus phone or immediately call the Wayne State College Campus Security Department at (402) 375-7216. The person calling should be ready to provide the following vital information:

  • Location (Building and room number if known)
  • Type of fire or explosion if known (e.g., trash, electrical, chemical, etc.)
  • Extent of the fire
  • Caller’s name
  • Number/location of injured persons

Upon receiving a call, the Wayne State College Campus Security Department will:

  • Immediately relay the information to the Wayne Fire Department.
  • Dispatch officer coverage to the scene of the incident.
  • Dispatch officer coverage to guide in the responding emergency vehicles.
  • Facilities Management will be called upon at the request of Wayne Fire or Wayne State College Campus Security Department.
  • Notify the Security Manager of the Wayne State College Campus Security Department.
  • Upon arrival at the scene, assist in evacuation.
  • Establish a safe perimeter around the incident for safety.
  • Assist in crowd control.
  • Assist the Wayne Fire Department Safety Officer as requested.
  • Submit an Incident Report including photographs (if possible) of fire damage.

Students, faculty and staff in an affected building should:

  • Ensure all students evacuate in a prompt and orderly manner, and go to a designated evacuation point.
  • Faculty and Staff should count heads as students and other staff leave a particular room, en route to the safe zone or the designated evacuation point.
  • Evacuees should organize themselves in groups of three and use the buddy system for safe evacuation.
  • Supervise and assist those individuals with mobility issues. If they do not have a buddy, the faculty member responsible for the class will need to assign one or two people to assist this individual. 
  • Keep all students a safe distance from the affected building at an evacuation assembly point and do a head count to assure that all students are out of the building and relocate them to a safe area. 
  • Maintain a clear path of access for emergency vehicles.
  • Do not return to the evacuated building until specifically instructed to do so by Wayne Fire officials or a Campus Security officer or delegate.

Fire Extinguishers

All Wayne State College campus buildings are equipped with fire extinguishers. Kitchens are equipped with automatic hood extinguishers that are for use in B and C and K type fires. (Grease Fires)

How to use an extinguisher:

PASS(Fires not bigger than a trash can only)

  • Check class of fire extinguisher (Class A-B-C for most fires).
  • Check pressure gauge for needle over green area in indicator.
  • Remove extinguisher from bracket and:
    P - Pull the safety pin out and discard it.
    A - Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire.
    S - Squeeze the two handles together.
    S - Sweep back and forth at the base of the fire.
  • When fire appears to be out, back away, as it may suddenly flare up again.