Wayne State College

Building and Person Emergencies


To shelter-in-place is a means to protect students, faculty and staff by having them remain in their classrooms, offices or other designated locations. The nature and extent of the event, the location of the event and the condition of the surrounding area will determine shelter-in-place decisions. Additionally, a shelter in-place and protect directive from Wayne State College Campus Security could be issued during an incident involving a weapon or (potentially) violent situation. Either one of these directives could be followed very closely by a decision for an immediate evacuation. In all these cases, it is essential that communications be clear, concise and followed immediately.


Example: A hazardous materials spill, or imminent danger due to severe weather.

Faculty and staff responsibilities:

  • Close all exterior doors and windows. Harmful chemicals or other contaminants could enter the building through an open door or window.
  • In a very serious emergency, it may be necessary to limit the amount of outside air coming into the building through ventilation systems.
    In these cases, Facilities Management staff will disable air intake units until the danger has passed.
  • Move to the safest place in the room, away from and below windows, if warranted, but not under desks or other furniture.
  • You should be able to move from the room quickly if needed so be sure that personal belongings are gathered such as wallets and car keys.
  • For safety of individuals with disabilities, consider that they may need assistance evacuating.
  • WAIT to be contacted. Do not return to exterior areas or evacuate classroom, offices, or sheltered areas unless told to do so by emergency personnel or delegate.

While many events will allow for faculty and students to be sheltered in their individual classrooms, the situation could change and require their movement out of the classroom and relocated elsewhere. 

Shelter-In-Place and Protect

Example: An active shooter or hostage situation.

If there is a need to lockdown the campus as a precaution or as a protective measure during a (potentially) violent situation, please follow these steps for your classroom, office suite, conference room, etc.

Faculty and staff responsibilities:

  • Remain calm and communicate with others in a clear and concise manner.  Tell others exactly what the situation is and what you need them to do.
  • Lock the door to the room. If the door does not have a lock, secure or block the entrance with objects within the room (tables, bookcase, desk, etc). Work together and act quickly.
  • Turn off the lights, stay quiet and stay away from doors and windows.
  • Do not allow access once the room is secure, as this will compromise the safety of those inside.
  • Wait for further instructions and do not allow anyone to leave until Wayne State College Campus Security Department or Facilities Management staff or other emergency responders release the building.