Wayne State College

Weather Emergencies and Hazards


The following steps are to be taken in the event of an earthquake:

  • During the shaking, stay indoors if already there.
  • Take cover beside sturdy furniture, such as work tables, desks (Triangle of Life).
  • Stay near the center of the building.
  • Stay away from glass and windows.
  • Do not run through or near buildings where there is danger of falling debris.
  • If outside, stay in the open, away from buildings and utility wires.
  • After the shaking, evacuate the facility, stay out of damaged buildings - aftershock may make them fall.
  • Wait at the safe area (at least 500 feet away from any building) until you receive further instructions from emergency personnel or designee. Facilities staff and utilities personnel will check for damaged pipes, shorted wires, gas leaks, etc., cutting off supplies if necessary.

In the event of injuries, first aid is to be given and emergency assistance is to be requested by calling Wayne State College Campus Security Department at 402-375-7216 from a cellphone and 911 from a campus phone.