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Dear Students,

We want to update you today on the plans for the renovation of Bowen Hall. To start, we're excited about the progress and improvements students will see when Bowen is completed. After having multiple conversations with students and the campus community during the focus groups, we feel strongly that Bowen will provide a wonderful living experience for first-year and upperclassmen students alike. 

Bowen Hall improvements include:

  • All built-in furniture will be removed and new, moveable furniture will be installed to allow for customization of room layout
  • AC window units will be relocated to allow for more space in the room (rooms will be centrally air conditioned)
  • Full ceiling-to-floor front window for a unique living experience
  • Center residential rooms will be transformed into a lounge space to allow for studying and socializing while allowing natural light to enter the half floor lobbies
  • The ground floor will be completely renovated with increased social space for playing pool, sitting beside a fireplace, studying or just hanging out
  • Bathrooms will be updated with more privacy and new finishes

While there are a few more items to be finalized, we are confident that the new Bowen Hall living experience will make Bowen a top destination request for all students.

When undertaking a major renovation project, it's quite common that there are temporary compromises that must be made. In order to improve the quality of living for our students for years to come, it is best that Bowen Hall is closed completely for the 2016-17 academic year. Bowen will close immediately at the end of Spring 2016 through the Summer of 2017.

With the closure, fewer students will be able to live on campus during the 2016-2017 academic year. The following steps are being taken to best meet student needs while Bowen Hall is being renovated:

  1. The approximately 200 student spaces that currently go unoccupied will be fully used – every space/bed in every room will be used
  2. Overflow Housing:  Select double-occupancy rooms will have a third bed added temporarily until a regular space is available in a two-person room. All occupants in a room with a temporary third bed will receive a 20% housing fee discount during the time that the room designed for two students is occupied by three people. Students will have an opportunity to choose this option to automatically receive the 20% discount.
  3. Graduate students and students who currently (after end of Fall 2015 term) have 75 or more cumulative credits hours (rising into Senior year) earned will not be allowed to reside on campus in 2016-2017 unless they receive a campus room waiver scholarship in 2016-2017. Students who have significant extenuating circumstances may request an exception by completing a 2016-2017 housing exemption form that will be made available in March 2016.  Students who live more than 60 miles from WSC will be given additional consideration. All students with over 75 credit hours who want to live on campus will need to complete an exemption form. The office of Residence Life will work with all students on a case by case basis to try accommodate anyone with an exceptional need. WSC will be unable to provide housing for graduate students.

Most students assigned to overflow housing are expected to be moved out of overflow housing by the end of the Fall 2016 semester. Many students will be able to move out of overflow housing during the first few weeks of the Fall 2016 semester. Residence Life staff will work diligently to move students out of overflow housing as soon as possible.

While this short-term adjustment to campus housing will cause some inconvenience, it allows for the complete renovation of Bowen Hall which will result in an amazing living experience in Bowen for years to come. Residence Life staff will work closely with students during this transitional year to ensure your campus housing needs are met. 

Office of Residence Life