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Program Highlights

Rural Health Opportunities Program (RHOP)

The Rural Health Opportunities Program (RHOP) is a cooperative program between the Nebraska state colleges and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). The purpose of the program is to recruit and educate students from rural Nebraska who will return to practice in rural areas of the state. This program represents a commitment and dedication to the education of Nebraskans and quality health care for citizens of the state.

Participants in the program spend time at WSC and UNMC, with the amount of time at each institution determined by the career the participant is pursuing. If selected to participate, students in RHOP receive a full tuition scholarship at WSC (does not apply to summer session courses), guaranteed admission to UNMC, early course registration privileges at WSC, and opportunities to visit UNMC during their time at WSC. All benefits are contingent upon successfully maintaining and completing program requirements.  

Rural Law Opportunities Program (RLOP)

The Rural Law Opportunities Program (RLOP) is a dynamic partnership between Wayne State College and the University of Nebraska College of Law designed to recruit students from rural areas and train them to become lawyers that will return and practice in their communities. Similar to RHOP, RLOP aims to ensure rural areas of Nebraska have access to legal representation while encouraging students from those areas to pursue legal studies in order to return to their communities to meet the demand for attorneys.

Participants in the program receive their bachelor’s degrees at WSC and are then guaranteed admittance into the Nebraska College of Law. If selected to participate, students in the WSC RLOP program will receive the following contingent upon maintaining the conditions of the program: Wayne State College scholarship and guaranteed admission to Nebraska College of Law.

Criminal Justice

Wayne State’s fastest growing major, Criminal Justice, delivers a broad online or traditional, residential academic program designed to provide you with the necessary practical knowledge and skills for rewarding careers. Wayne State’s faculty members know many of you are interested in careers that include border patrol, corrections officer, probation officer, special agent for governmental agencies, Homeland Security, United States marshal, criminal laboratory scientist, parole officer, State Patrol, immigration and customs enforcement, asset protection, game warden, customs agent, child protective services, and juvenile justice. Our major covers the theoretical basis for understanding the economic, political, and social environments in which the criminal justice process operates, which means you have the flexibility to apply your degree to any of these careers.