Wayne State College

For the Media

College Relations

News Releases

All Wayne State College news releases and public service announcements are written and released by the College Relations staff. Please keep the College Relations office informed of newsworthy items. It is never too early to tell us your news. You are urged to keep the College Relations director informed about newsworthy events that could generate current or future media attention.  

In order to promote and recognize WSC students but still provide their right to privacy, a News Release Information form must be completed by all students mentioned in each release and returned to the College Relations Office.   Two release forms one for individuals and the other for groups are located on the WSC G drive, as well as on the College Relations page on the WSC Web site. The College Relations office should also be contacted in advance to schedule photos to accompany news releases. The phone number is 402-375-7324.

Media Interviews

The College Relations office works as a liaison with you and members of the news media to ensure that news about WSC is accurate and complete. Faculty, administration and staff who are contacted by the media should notify the College Relations office at 402-375-7324.

Crisis Situations

In crisis situations, all official statements are released through the College Relations office.  The director, in cooperation with the college president, will be responsible for releasing all information in accordance with the WSC Crisis Communication Plan. WSC personnel who are contacted by the media should direct the inquiry to the College Relations director.

Publication Guidelines

Wayne State College‚Äôs image is reflected in the brochures, publications, programs and other printed information directed to the public.  Campus publications and printing projects (brochures, newsletters, fliers, business cards, etc.) are to be coordinated through the College Relations office in order to convey a professional and uniform image to the public.


In cooperation with the appropriate school or department, the College Relations office will assist with writing publication content. The department/school or individual writer is responsible for accurate content information. You will receive a proof for your approval before the publication is printed.


The College Relations Office is available to assist you with:

  • developing a publication timeline and printing schedule to help you complete your project in a timely manner.
  • layout, design and production of publications.
  • determining the press run, size, colors, paper stock, photographs and other items.
  • bidding projects. All printing projects of $2,500 and more must be sent out for bids.

Business Cards & Nametags

The College Relations office will order business cards and nametags for you.  Your request should be processed through your supervisor, or school.