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You Are Not Alone

Your college years are about growth and learning. We know you will face many challenges and hurdles in college and your life. It may be difficult to reach out and talk to someone about what your obstacle is - troubles with personal relationships, classes are harder and not knowing how to study for them, and what it is like to live with a mental health concern. Student Health and Counseling Services is here for you and cares deeply about your success and development as a healthy, happy person who contributes to our future. We are here to support you and celebrate your victories with you.  You may need different services at different times in your collegiate years and we strive to be available by offering a variety of services and levels of care. 

Crisis support and response are provided through our walk-in services. You will meet with a professional therapist for crisis intervention and together develop a plan to meet your needs. Therapists will listen and provide support as together you develop a plan for your next steps to meet your needs. We recognize each person is unique and has individualized needs. Our staff provide individual and group therapy dependent on your unique needs and the needs and interests of the campus. Services come in a variety of forms such as in-person sessions, telehealth services, groups, workshops and educational materials offered throughout the year on campus.


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