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Campus Assault Response Effort (CARE)

The WSC Counseling Center and Student Health Office house confidential resources (under Title IX) and provide a home for the Campus Assault Response Effort (CARE). The mission of the CARE program is to ensure coordination of a consistent, respectful, victim-centered response to sexual violence at Wayne State College. CARE members provide a competent, and comprehensive response to sexual violence and to each victim regardless of where the violence occurred or where the victim resides.


Talk to a CARE member if you have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence or stalking. Assistance may include counseling, advocacy, information, medical care, academic interventions and referrals.

  • Counseling: Confidential conversation between a student and a mental health professional to provide assistance with a personal issue or concern and/or to provide crisis intervention in emergencies.
  • Advocacy: CARE members provide assistance on behalf of a student and/or can help the student through a difficult or confusing task. A counselor can serve as an advocate for a student with the student’s permission and can accompany the student to meetings or during visits with campus offices.
  • Information: Members of the CARE team will be versed in and aware of reporting requirements for sexual assault to help students understand their choices. This allows the student to work with the CARE member to make informed decisions.
  • Medical Care: CARE members can make referrals to campus or off campus physicians and/or hospitals depending on students’ needs.
  • Referrals: CARE team members can provide referrals to other campus services with the student’s permission.  


CARE is guided by Board Policy 3020: Sexual Violence or Sex Harassment Reporting, Policies and Procedures and counseling and health services for students who have experienced one or more of those traumas. 

Confidential resources include mental health providers such as counselors, psychologists, social workers, and medical staff such as doctors, nurses, and physician’s assistants.

Visit the Counseling Center or contact the Student Health Office.

CARE Members

Lin Brummels (Counseling Center)

Regina Korth (Student Health Office)

Gary West (Student Health Office)