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Personal Counseling


Life at college offers opportunities to grow and change, but this process is not without challenges. Wayne State Counseling Center staff members understand that students may need help from time to time to navigate the process of earning a degree while dealing with the awesome experience of being a fully realized human being.

Accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services (IACS), the WSC Counseling Center provides:

  • Individual attention to resolve personal or interpersonal problems
  • Guidance in dealing with the demands of academic life
  • Resources for faculty, staff and others who have concerns about the well-being of WSC students

Licensed counselors, social workers and a psychologist provide clinical and crisis intervention services. A registered dietitian is available each week to help students with food-related concerns.

Counseling Center staff conduct outreach and educational programs for the campus community with an emphasis on mental health and substance abuse issues. Counselors also serve as advisers to several campus clubs and organizations.

Call or drop by the office to make an appointment or find out how counseling can help you or someone you know.