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Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition Services

The Counseling Center offers nutritional counseling and education programs for WSC students. A licensed medical nutrition therapist is available in the Counseling Center one day per week. The nutritionist is available to meet with students individually, in groups and to make presentations to classes and other groups. Nutritional counseling is available to address healthy eating, athletic nutrition issues, weight loss or gain, eating disorders, and other nutrition related concerns.

Contact the Counseling Center at 402-375-7321 or stop by Student Center, Room 103 to make an appointment to see the nutritionist.

Eating Disorders and Issues

The Wayne State College Counseling center offers many services for students experiencing issues with food and eating, weight, and exercising. If you or a friend are dealing with stress in a negative way such as binge-eating and purging, skipping meals, or over-exercising, contact the Counseling Center (402) 375-7321 for information or to make an appointment.

WSC Eating Disorders and Issues Team:

Dr. Steven Westby, Clinical Psychologist

Lin Brummels, MSE, LPC - Counseling Center Director

Karen Granberg, MSE, LPC - Counselor

Kathy Mohlfeld, MSW, LMHP - Counselor

Linda E. Wetzel, RD, LMNT - Nutritionist

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) works with Screening for Mental Health, Inc. (SMH) to offer a NEDA online eating disorder screening tool, which can be incorporated into any event or activity. Through SMH's National Eating Disorder Screening Program, thousands of people every year take the first step to dealing with an eating disorder by taking an in-person or online screening.

Take the NEDA online eating disorder screening.

These screenings are free, anonymous and only take a few minutes. This tool is not intended to diagnose or substitute for assessment and/or treatment by a qualified professional. Resources for referrals and support are provided at the end of the screening process to direct those who may be struggling to the help they need.