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Human Services

The human services program consists of two years of classes through Northeast Community College and two years of classes through Wayne State College. The following is a sample program of study for the total four years.

Required minimum for graduation from Wayne State College: 120 credit hours total

2022-23 Academic Year

Northeast Community College Courses

Freshman - Fall semester
ENGL 1010 English Composition I (3)
POLS 1000 American Government (3)
PSYC 1810 Introduction to Psychology (3)
History (3)
Science (4-5)

Freshman - Spring semester
HUSR 1010 Intro to Human Service Counseling (3)
PSYC 2200 Lifespan Psychology (3)
SOCI 1010 Introduction to Sociology (3)
English/Literature (3)
Mathematics (3-4)

Sophomore - Fall semester
HUSR 2010 Intro to Case Management (3)
HUSR 2020 Med/Psycho-Social Aspects-Chemical Use (3)
SPCH 2010 Interpersonal Communication (or other elective) (3) (Students who do not take NECC’s SPCH 2010 will be required to take WSC’s CSL 210 upon transfer to WSC. It is offered as an online course.)
SOCI 2150 Issues of Unity and Diversity (3)
Fine Arts and Language (3-4)

Sophomore - Spring semester
HUSR 2040 Human Services Practicum (1)
HPER 1550 Lifetime Wellness (3)
SOCI 2320 Social Problems (3)
Oral Communication (3)
Elective (3-5)

Upon completion of the Associate of Arts degree from Northeast Community College, you will start the Bachelor of Science degree at Wayne State College. Complete your application for admission at Wayne State College toward the end of your sophomore year, and have official transcripts from Northeast (as well as transcripts from any other educational institution attended) sent to the WSC Admissions Office upon graduation from Northeast Community College. You must also be accepted into the WSC Human Service Counseling program by filing a formal application to the program, completing HUSR 1010 (or an equivalent course transferred from accredited program) and complete a Student Affirmation showing no felony convictions, nor misdemeanor convictions involving abuse, neglect, or injury to any person, nor any other convictions involving moral turpitude.

Wayne State College Courses

Junior - Fall semester (even years)
HUS 324 Fundamentals of Human Services (online) (3)
HUS 440 Foundation of Addictive Disorders (online) (3)
PSY 450 Abnormal Psychology (3)
*Behavioral Science Area (elective if needed) (3)

Junior - Spring semester (odd years)
HUS 342 Interviewing Skills (3)
HUS 470 Plan/Admin/Evaluation Human Services Programs (online) (3)
SOC 320 Social Welfare (3)
SOC 444 *Topics in Sociology (elective if needed) (3)
PSY 430 *Positive Psychology (elective if needed) (3)

Senior - Fall semester (odd years)
HUS 403 Group Strategies (3)
SSC (pick one) or ELE 300, 310, 319, or 419 (3)
300 or higher in HUS, PSY or SOC (3)
300 or higher in HUS, PSY or SOC) (3)
Prior to registering for HUS 490, student must be officially admitted into the Human Services program, earn a minimum of 90 hours of credit (including 36 hours in the major) and receive a least a “B-“ in HUS 342 Interviewing Skills.  The student must continue to demonstrate the ability to relate empathetically and therapeutically.

Senior - Spring semester (even years)
HUS 490 Human Service Counseling Seminar (hybrid; live online) (3)
PSY 316 Social Psychology (elective if needed) (3)
SOC 415 The Family (elective if needed) (3)
SSC (pick one) or ELE 300, 310, 319, or 419 (3)

Human Services Internship (hybrid; live online) (3)