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New Student Registration

FAQs About NSR

Will the person who assists me be my permanent advisor?
Not necessarily. We have advisors available for these particular summer programs. That person may or may not be your permanent advisor. You will be notified of who your permanent advisor is shortly after classes begin.

How will I decide what classes to register for?
Your advisor will help you select courses at NSR. In a few majors, it is necessary you take the recommended courses in order to ensure completion of that major in a timely manner, so listen to the advisor during your session. The advisor assisting you has your best interests in mind since they are in your major department. If you have not declared a major, you will meet with a Holland Academic Success Center advisor who will help you select classes that allow you to explore career paths that fit your personality, lifestyle, and goals.

How many credits should I register for?
On average, students take 12-15 credit hours - typically four or five courses so they can graduate on time. Taking 12 credits per semester is the minimum number of credits to maintain full-time student status. Full-time status is also a requirement of most forms of federal financial aid and athletic scholarships. The Canvas course you have access to has more information about credits and how they work.

If I drop a class, will it affect my financial aid?
If you drop a class during the first week of classes, you will not be charged and your financial aid will be adjusted accordingly. If the class is dropped after that, financial aid may not be adjusted. However, students may lose aid for the next semester depending on how many hours were successfully completed. Dropping below full-time status (i.e. 12 credits) will revoke most forms of federal student financial aid.

What classes are available for Fall 2024?
The official Fall 2024 class schedule is available at www.wsc.edu/records-registration.

Can I review course descriptions now?
Yes. There are course descriptions available online. You can view descriptions by browsing our online catalog at www.wsc.edu/catalog.

What is general education and why do I have to take it?
General education classes are required for all students regardless of the major you choose. They give you the ability to learn approaches from different disciplines so you can apply that knowledge to your major, as well as learn varying analytical and critical thinking methods. General education courses are available in many different subjects. Talk to your advisor to learn more about how to construct an individualized set of “gen eds” that complement your major.

What do I do if I have completed college credit?

Be sure to mention that you already have some college credits completed to your advisor during course registration. Have an idea of what classes they were and perhaps bring a list of those classes with you where you received the credit from. Also, request that official transcripts be sent to our Admissions Office so your credit can be officially evaluated and possibly be applied to your program of study. This can help save you time and money during your education.

What is myWSC?
myWSC is the official student portal where you will essentially conduct all of your business as a student. myWSC includes student account billing, access to your class schedule, student email, and other important student account information.

What should I bring the day I register for classes?
Be sure to bring a list of previously completed college credits. Also, be aware that our facilities can be a little on the chilly side. So even though it is summer, keep that in mind while planning what to wear. Finally, be excited and proud! You are making a great decision to continue your education as a Wildcat!

What are the requirements if I received the Neihardt Scholarship?
Neihardt scholars should take 3 hours of honors courses per term to complete the honors requirements of the scholarship in a timely fashion. For example, a student should take one 3-hour honors general education course his or her first semester. During the second semester, he or she should take another 3-hour general education course, plus 1 hour of IDS Shapers of the Modern Mind course. Students should try to complete the 12 hours of honors general education courses during their freshman and sophomore years. Students can enroll in the three 1-hour IDS courses as their schedule allows.

What are the requirements if I am in the Honors Program?
Students participating in the Honors Program should take 3 hours of honors general education courses per term during their freshman and sophomore years. During their junior year, students should enroll in Honors 395 project. Students complete the Honors 499 project during their senior year.

What are the requirements if I am a student athlete?
NCAA bylaws require you be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours in each regular term (i.e., fall and spring semesters) to be permitted to compete or even practice. There will be a hold placed on your account that will prevent you from making any changes to your academic schedule unless you first receive permission from assistant athletic director Linda Anderson. This hold exists to ensure that you do not fall below 12 credit hours and/or potentially put yourself in a position to risk your ongoing athletic eligibility per NCAA bylaws.

Can I purchase books the day I register?
Yes, you can purchase your books in store or online at waynestatecollege.bkstr.com. Visit with the bookstore staff with any questions you may have. The WSC Bookstore is in the Kanter Student Center.

I'm extremely excited to be a Wildcat. Is that okay?
The feeling of finally embracing what it means to be a Wildcat and loving all things black and gold is completely normal. We want you to go all in and be confident in your decision. We will work every day to keep you mindful of why you chose us (thank you for that!). We know you’re going to love it here!

I'm so excited I just realized I don't even know the mascot's name!
Don't worry, we've got you! His name is Willy, and you will see him around a lot. Maybe if you're lucky, you might even take a picture with him, you know, for sharing purposes.