General Studies Courses


General Studies courses are listed in the registration booklets and college catalog under GST. A student is allowed to take up to five hours of GST credits to be applied as general/free electives to a degree program.

GST 110 - Succeeding in College (2 credits)

Freshmen, Sophomores and Transfers. Designed to assist in improving learning efficiency and effectiveness for all facets of college. Highly recommended for all new Wayne State College students.


GST 112- Speed Reading (1 credit)
Emphasis on improving reading speed and comprehension and applying them to various college courses. Individually paced for all levels of readers. (Spring Semester)


GST 114 - Vocabulary Development (1 credit)
Concentrates on the development of college level vocabulary skills and enrichment for more confident reading, writing and speaking. (Spring Semester)


GST 118 - Choosing Academic Success (1 credit)
Designed to promote the probationary student’s success in higher education by exploring and achieving individual academic goals. Augmented by individual student/faculty conferences.


GST 102 – Beginning Algebra (2 credits)
This course includes operations with real numbers, solutions and graphs of linear equations, in addition to problem solving strategies and algebraic manipulations. GST 102 also reinforces basic mathematical skills and their everyday applications.


GST 103 Elementary Algebra (3 credits)

An Algebra course covering most elementary topics of algebra.  This includes the real number system, solving equations, and inequalities, polynomials, rational equations and radical expressions.  This is a college preparatory course designed for students with little algebra background or for students who need review.  This course does not meet a general education requirement.


(The above math course is designed for the following student profile: inadequate math background, high level of math anxiety or out of a school environment for some years. It is also useful for PPST preparation. No prerequisites for the math courses are required. This course will not fulfill the math general education requirement.)


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