Early Alert Program


The Early Alert Program provides assistance to students experiencing academic difficulties. The program is designed to aid in the early detection of students who are doing poorly in class, chronically absent from class, or having other kinds of problems that affect academic performance. An additional goal of the program is to improve communication among faculty, students, and their advisors.


How It Works

Faculty awareness of potential student problems constitutes the backbone of the Early Alert Program. Any faculty member who is concerned about a student's failure to attend classes and /or a student's poor performance in class is encouraged to refer that student immediately to the HASC by filling out an "Early Alert Form"(available on the G-drive under Miscellaneous_Documents_and _forms or from a school office assistant).


Students identified by instructors early in the semester can be helped; advisors contacted before mid-term can assist students in making more informed judgments about academic plans. Upon receipt of the form, the HASC will contact the student via phone or letter within 24-48 hours to discuss the academic concern and look for solutions. The advisor is notified and has the option of also contacting the student to discuss the concern. When the student visits the HASC via phone or in person, he/she will have the opportunity to discuss the situation and a further referral may be made to one of the many possible student services. The advisor and the referring faculty will be contacted following the student conference.


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