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The Heritage Society was established to recognize and honor, during their lifetimes, those persons whose vision and generosity move them to support Wayne State College through an estate plan gift to Wayne State Foundation.


Membership in the Heritage Society is open to alumni and friends who have made arrangements for a future gift to the Foundation by one of more of the following:

  • Specific provision by will
  • Creation of a charitable trust
  • Life insurance policy
  • Gift of a farm or residence with life estate reserved
  • Charitable gift annuity

Membership is ongoing, with charter member designation during the Building Bright Futures campaign through December 31, 1994. Members receive acknowledgment including an engraved nameplate on the Heritage Society wall plaque in the Student Center and listing in the Annual Honor Roll of Donors. Members who request confidentiality will remain anonymous.


Current members of the Heritage are as follows:

Donna Crabb Adamson
Marilyn Anson
Tim and Leslie Bebee
Duane Biede
Rod and Julie Blunck
L. Maxine and Darold Bobier
Sharon and Gary Carlson
Mona J. Casady and Lawrence J. Niewald
J. Alan and Diana Cramer
Lucille D. Cunningham
Ted and Mary Dohrman
Gail and Carol Dunning
Lynda J. Edsall
Maureen E. Eggert
Jan Ellis
Bart F. Emanuel
Vicki (Root) and Mike Engelen
Marilyn Estrada
Judith Eubank
Jim Fletcher
Jeanne Gardner
Douglas Gilbert
Florence Kindler Griffin 
Mary Jo and Patrick M. Gross
Art and Arlene Gulliver
Elroy and Carol Hefner
Gretchen and George Hirschbach
Dr. Ronald R. Holt II
Kirk and Debra Hutton
Adelyn M. Johnson
Barbara K. and C. James Kanter
Lenny Klaver
Dr. Eliot Knowles
Bill and Valerie Koeber
Jerry A. Krause
Don Lake
Lou Ann Landholm
Earl and Marcella Larson
Lynette and Roger Lentz
Kaki and David Ley
Jerry Lightner
Charles R. Maier
Donald J. Mash
Terry McClain
George and Susan Menking
Jeffrey R. and Wendie A. Meyer
Dorothy Mill
Jon and Adrian (Johnson) Minks
Marie Mohr and Anthony Kochenash
Roger R. Nelson
Leslie and Gregory Neuhaus
Ray and Carol Novak
Jim and Sharyn Paige
Rusty and Deneil Parker
Randall A. and Rozan Pedersen
Gordon P. Peterson
Hazel Peterson
Kyle and Daniel Rose
Charles R. Sass and Sharon Olson Sass
Diane Zabel Schreiber
Robert and Nancy Shively
Diane and Donald Soukup
Jean Waring Spann and Kenneth Spann
Regg Swanson
Ted Tow
Connie Webber
Kevan V. Weldon
Janice E. Wild
Gene L. Willmott
H. Nicholas Windeshausen
Galen Wiser
Vance and Peggy Wolverton
Reggie and Marilyn Yates




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