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Making Payments

Payment Policy

Students become obligated and agree to pay all academic charges when they register for each term. Charges including tuition, fees, room, meal plans, and all other fees that may be assessed are due on or before the sixth day of the term (2nd day of each summer session) or immediately if incurred after the sixth day of the term (2nd day of each summer session). These charges are subject to tuition and fee adjustment only to the extent allowed under Wayne State College’s Withdrawal Policy.

If a student has not paid in full by the due date, signed up for the Nelnet (e-Cashier) payment plan, or made other acceptable arrangements a late fee of 2% of the unpaid balance will be assessed to the student’s account. In addition, an enrollment cancellation notice may be sent. The student’s enrollment cancellation will include cancelling the student’s registration, preventing the student from attending or registering for classes, placing a hold on the student’s transcripts and diploma, removing the student from on-campus housing and/or meal plans, assigning the account to a collection agency and possible legal action to collect any balance due. Wayne State College will charge late fees of 2% of the unpaid balance on delinquent accounts.

An Exception to Payment Policy may be requested if payment cannot be made in full by the due date, please complete the Exception to Payment Policy form and submit to Student Financial Services.

Wayne State College requires all students to sign a payment agreement. The terms of this agreement remain in effect as long as the student is enrolled, whether it is continuously or periodically, full time or part time. Students are responsible for payment of all costs incurred (including collection costs if applicable) even if this form is not endorsed by the student.