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Planetarium Show: The Sistine Chapel (Easter Weekend)

  • March 30, 2018
  • 7:00 pm
  • Fred G. Dale Planetarium (Carhart Science Building)
  • Kids $3 / Adults $5

Learn about the artistic works of Michelangelo.

Planetarium Show - Sistine Chapel

Finding a moment to reflect on Michelangelo’s “Book of Genesis” isn’t easy in the noisy, tourist-filled Sistine Chapel. Along with working your way through the masses filling every corner of the Vatican’s popular destination, a security official yells “no photos!” every few seconds in an effort to preserve the 16th century masterpiece. So instead, come to the planetarium where you can can gaze at the same artwork!

After a short history of the chapel, enjoy a detailed explanation of all of Michelangelo's works, including the Creation of Adam, the stories of Noah and Moses, and the Last Judgement.

Target audience: Ages 5 to adult

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