Wayne State College

End of Course Checklist

These checklists are based on the collective experiences of the team members in education and their deep knowledge of Canvas. The End-of-Course Checklist is helpful to review when you are nearing the end of your course term.



1. It is important to verify grades if Canvas is the gradebook of record. Any changes made will affect student final grades. Select Gradebook and review final grades

Tip: Verify that the Canvas Gradebook matches the grading policy set up in your syllabus. 

Tip: You can turn all missing entries to zeros through the late policy options

Tip: Remember to check out more about Assignment Groups if using weighted grading categories.


Import Grades into WildcatsOnline 

1. In WildcatsOnline, import final grades and verify grades.   

Tip: Verify that the Grade Scheme box is checked in the Settings tool.



1. Using the Export Course Content tool in Course Settings will allow you to save a file export package of your Course outside of Canvas.  

Tip: You may have a Copy this Course button that allows you to copy content to a new course shell.


2. Add a course end date in your Course Settings.  

Tip: Adding a course end date removes students access to the course. If a course end date is not added, students continue to have access to the course.  

Tip: Don’t forget to click Update Course Details at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Last Updated: 5/3/23