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Zoom - Canvas Integration

Note: Faculty have access to a pro/licensed Zoom account. If you are new faculty, you can activate your account by signing into https://wsc.edu and selecting the Zoom button.


Adding Zoom to a Canvas course

To use the Zoom integration in Canvas, simply navigate to the Zoom option in your course navigation bar. Zoom will be available by default for all courses. 

Note: The first time you use the Zoom application in Canvas, you may be prompted to authorize use of the Zoom Pro LTI. If this occurs, select Authorize to proceed.


Scheduling a Zoom meeting in Canvas

Once Zoom is added to a Canvas course, it can be used to schedule video meetings.  Zoom meetings can also be scheduled from the Zoom desktop/mobile application.

1. Click the Zoom link located in the Course Navigation bar.

2. Click the Schedule a New Meeting button. From here, you can configure the settings of your Zoom meeting.

3. To schedule a recurring meeting, click the Recurring Meeting checkbox. You can choose the frequency with which a meeting is repeated, and a date at which the recurrences end.

Note: When scheduling a recurring meeting, each occurrence is created as an independent event. Thus, any edits to your meetings must be done individually.


Disclaimer: WSC highly recommends the use of security features such as waiting rooms and passcodes.


Student Notifications

Students will receive a notification when a Zoom meeting has been created and deleted. Once your meeting is scheduled, the meeting will appear on the course's Canvas Calendar. 


Starting a scheduled Zoom meeting

Once Zoom is added to a Canvas course, you can access Zoom from Course Navigation. 

1. In the Course Navigation bar, click the Zoom link.

2. Click the Upcoming Meetings button.

3. Locate the Meeting ID you want to begin and click the Start button.


Using Personal Meeting Rooms in Canvas

Your Personal Meeting Room is a dedicated Zoom meeting space which you can use any time.  Because this room features a static User ID and meeting link, it can come in handy for impromptu meeting sessions with those you visit with frequently.

To begin a new meeting in your Personal Meeting Room:

1. Click on Zoom in the Course Navigation bar.

2. Select the Personal Meeting Room tab.

3. Click on Start this Meeting.


Inviting People Outside of Your Canvas Course

Accessing Zoom through this Canvas integration only works if you are a current WSC student, faculty or staff, BUT you can still invite people outside of your Canvas to join these Zoom meetings. This is useful for guest speakers or student that don't have a WSC account. If you want non-WSC people to join, then you'll have to share the meeting ID and password or the link with them.

1. From Zoom in Canvas, if the other person is already familiar with Zoom, you can just send them the meeting ID that is listed next to your meeting. If not, click on the Topic for the Zoom meeting you want to invite people to.

2. Click on Copy the invitation.

3. Click on the Copy Meeting Invitation button.

4. Then open Outlook and paste the invitation into your email. Edit the text as you'd like before sending.


Using Cloud Recordings in Zoom

Any time you host a meeting in Zoom, you have the opportunity to record the meeting session and save it to Zoom cloud storage.  The Zoom Canvas integration allows you to view any of your cloud recordings, and to control student access to them.  

1. Click on Zoom in the Course Navigation bar.

2. Select the Cloud Recordings tab.

3. Find the recording you are interested in.  You can search for a specific recording using the date, ID, or topic filters.

4. Selecting the Topic of your chosen meeting will allow you to view any recorded video, audio, or chat file associated with the cloud recording.

5. You can toggle the Publish icon off/on to determine whether or not the recording is available for students to access. By default, new cloud recordings are unpublished when they are first generated.


Generate Zoom Meeting Attendance and Polling Reports

Zoom will save data from past meetings which you have hosted, allowing you to generate Meeting Reports (which may include participant names, email addresses, and the time during which they were in the Zoom meeting) or Polling Reports (which may include any polls run during the meeting, along with participants’ answers).  

To generate a Report in the Zoom Canvas integration:

1. Click on Zoom in the Course Navigation bar.

2. Select the Previous Meetings tab.

3. Click on the Report button for your chosen meeting.

4. Select either the Meeting Report tab to generate Meeting Report data, or the Poll Report tab to generate a Poll Report.


Canvas Integration FAQ

Does LTI pro respect which course you’re in? E.g. Does a student or instructor only see meetings and recordings associated with a course?

Yes - Both students and instructors only see the prospective meetings/recordings associated with each course.


Can students schedule Zoom meetings on behalf of their instructor?

Yes, students can schedule Zoom meetings. 


If I schedule a Zoom meeting outside of the Canvas integration either via web or the desktop application, will it appear in Canvas?

No. You must schedule a meeting through the integration if you want it to be available in Canvas. Meetings scheduled through the integration will appear in your meeting list and can be managed at https://wsc.edu and select the Zoom button.


Can I import a Zoom meeting into a Canvas course if I originally scheduled it outside of the integration?

Yes. Navigate to the Import meeting function in the Zoom section of your canvas course and enter the meeting ID that you would like to import. Once imported, the meeting and recordings will be available in the course.


How can I modify additional settings for Zoom outside of the Canvas integration?

Please visit https://wsc.edu and select the Zoom button to manage all of your Zoom meetings and settings.


If my course has sections, will students see Zoom links specific to their section?

If your canvas course is built with sections, all students in any section will see all meetings associated with the course.


Can I add the same Zoom meeting to multiple courses, e.g. a common office hours meeting?

The integration does not allow for the same meeting ID to be shared between courses. If you would like to share a meeting between classes, we recommend advertising the link in your syllabus.

Last Updated: 7/20/22