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Hide a Gradebook Item

How to hide a gradebook item in a Canvas course including the Roll Call Attendance assignment. 

1. Log into Canvas, open your course and click on the Grades tool.

2. Locate the gradebook item you want to hide and click on the 3 dots next to the title of the gradebook item. 

3. Select Grade Posting Policy at the bottom of the list. 

More options menu for a gradebook item. Select Grade Posting Policy

4. Click Manual and Save in the menu on the right.

Grade posting policy options. Select Manual

5. Select the 3 dots again and click Hide Grades.

More options menu. Select hide grades

6. Click Hide in the menu on the right. 

Canvas Hide Grades

7. Now students will not be notified when a grade is entered in the item and students cannot see the gradebook item. The symbol of an eye with a line through it means it is hidden. The same symbol next to the total course grade means you have a gradebook item hidden from students. 

More options menu. Select Hide Grades Total course grade has a hidden gradebook item icon next to it.

Note: To publish the gradebook item after hiding it, click the 3 dots and select Post Grades.


Last Updated: 2/7/22