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Multifactor Authentication (DUO) Using a Passcode

How to authenticate using a passcode texted to your phone. 


1. To have Duo text you a batch of passcodes, click Enter a Passcode (or type "sms" in the "second password" field).


2. Click the Text me new codes button.


Note: The Duo Prompt's status bar indicates the passcodes were sent to your phone. The number of SMS passcodes sent in one batch is defined by your administrator (ten maximum). Sending multiple passcodes at once lets you use those passcodes to authenticate multiple times when you may not have cellular service.


3. To authenticate using an SMS passcode, click Enter a Passcode button, type in a passcode you received from Duo via text message, and click Log In.


Note: Duo keeps track of which SMS passcodes you've already used in your batch, letting you know which one to use next.


Note: You can have new passcodes sent to you at any time. A new batch of passcodes will invalidate all old passcodes, so it's probably best to delete the old message when a new one comes in.


Last Updated: 8/12/21