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Network & Technology Services

Network Accounts for Students Creation-Deletion Procedures


When Was This Procedure Updated?

Written March 11, 2021.

Who Should Read This Procedure?

This procedure applies to all WSC students.

What Does This Procedure Apply To?

This procedure applies to the creation, disabling, and deletion of WSC Campus Network accounts for students.


Provisioning (granting access)

Account Creation

Network accounts for students are created upon admission to Wayne State College. 


Granting Authorization

Network accounts can be authorized to access systems (WildcatsOnline, Campus Email etc.) as soon as their accounts have been created.


De-provisioning (removing access)

Account Disabling

Normal process

Network accounts for students who are admitted but do not attend Wayne State College will be disabled 90 days after the admitted term ends. Students who have earned credit at Wayne State College since Fall of 2010 and are in good standing with the college, may keep access to their Wayne State College email account.

Expedited process

Upon request by Student Affairs, the President or NSCS System Office legal counsel, accounts may be disabled manually and immediately regardless of enrollment or admit status.


Account Deletion

Accounts can be deleted by Network and Technology Services Staff in compliance with records retention 

Last Updated: 3/18/2021