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Attendance tool

The Attendance tool allows you to take attendance daily using the online or the Teacher app versions of Canvas. The recommended way to take attendance is through the seating chart version in the Class tab. The process of taking attendance using the online version is outlined below.


Set up your Attendance tool

There is a one-time set up of the attendance tool settings and the seating chart.

Please note that once you start taking attendance, you cannot change the total points for your attendance or your late policy.

1. Log in to Canvas, open your class, and select the Attendance tool.

2. Click the Settings icon in the top right. 

Canvas attendance settings button

3.    The Canvas attendance tool automatically creates one attendance assignment worth 100 points total for the whole semester. To not count attendance towards the final grade, check the box.

Note: You can change the total points for attendance in the Assignments tool by editing the attendance assignment. 

4.    Then, if you use a late policy, select what percentage of the attendance grade a student receives if they are late to class and close the window.

 Canvas attendance settings
5.    To set your seating chart, click the Class tab. 

Canvas attendance class view

6.    Select the Edit Seating Chart tab. 

Canvas attendance class view edit seating chart

7.    Drag and drop your students into the corresponding tiles. 

Note: if you have students that are joining your class via video (Zoom) or only online through Canvas, you can create a row of those students below your seating chart. 

8.    After setting up your seating chart, click the Take Attendance tab to take Attendance. 

Canvas attendance class view take attendance

Take Attendance

1.    Select the date you want to take attendance for using the arrows to the left or right of the date or click the calendar icon. 

2.    There are two ways to take attendance using the seating chart. The first is to click the icon next to the student’s picture until you select the correct status. The second option is to click the student’s name to open a new window with more options.

     a.    First, select their status as present, late, or absent.

     b.    Second, you can select the corresponding badge if the student is joining the class: in-person (IN PERSON), online-only using Canvas (Online) or joining through Zoom (VIA VIDEO).

Canvas attendance class view individual student grading

Note: You can switch between course sections, if you have combined your classes, using the drop-down menu in the top left. 

Canvas attendance list view

Note: You can mark all students present or unmark them using the buttons underneath the section drop-down menu.

Canvas attendance select course section

Please contact the Campus Service Center at 402-375-7107 or visit us in the library if you need further assistance.


Last Updated: 7/28/2020