Wayne State College

New Device FAQs

New laptops and tablets are being distributed to faculty across campus to provide greater flexibility in teaching and supporting students. The new devices are being provided to enable you to work with the new Microsoft Wireless Displays in classrooms. The new laptops/tablets will create greater portability and collaboration around campus.   


1. I received a new laptop or tablet with a dock -- now what? 

Very important! Log in for the first time while you are on campus. This creates your user profile on the device, which allows you to use the device off campus. 


2. How do I turn on my laptop/tablet now that I have a dock? 

Make sure the docking cable is plugged into the laptop/tablet display port and press the power button to start or wake the laptop/tablet. 


3. How do I use my monitors with the lid closed on my device?

Docking and using your device with the lid closed or lid open is your preference and either option works. To significantly improve your experience please make the following changes (we would have done this for you, but these preferences are specific to the account logged into the device).

     a. In the Type here to search box in the lower left corner on the task bar search for close lid and select Change what closing the lid does.

     b. Change the section When I close the lid to Do Nothing for both columns On battery and Plugged in.

     c. Change both sections When I press the power button  and When I press the sleep button to Hibernate for both columns On battery and Plugged in.


4. How do I undock and dock my laptop/tablet?

To undock the laptop/tablet remove the docking cable from the laptop/tablet’s display port.

To dock the laptop/tablet plug the docking cable into the laptop/tablet’s display port.


5. Do I need to plug in my laptop/tablet to power while it is plugged into the dock?

No, you do not need to plug in the power cord to the laptop/tablet while it is plugged into the dock. The dock provides the power.


6. I am missing bookmarks on my new device. How do I get those back?

We have a backup of your bookmarks and can certainly move them to the new device. Please contact the Campus Service Center to schedule a remote session to complete this work. Bookmarks are specific to your user profile on your computer.  Please first log in to the laptop (while on campus) to create your user profile. Bookmarks can then be transferred onto your new device.

7. I am missing software on my new device. Where do I go to reinstall it?

First, check-in the Software Center on your computer to see if it has been installed. If you are looking for specialty software purchased by WSC and you have checked your list of apps and cannot find it, please contact the Service Center at (402) 375-7107.  If you are looking for personal software, and you have checked your list of apps and cannot find it, after enabling Make Me Admin, reinstall the software.   

Please contact the Campus Service Center at 402-375-7107 or visit us in the library for further assistance.


Last Updated: 7/20/20