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Record video using Zoom and add to a Canvas Class

This help sheet is a quick overview of the video creation process using Zoom. At this moment, this is the recommended process for sharing videos with your students. Videos will need be less than 20 minutes long in order to upload them to YouTube. We are recommending you to upload your videos to YouTude so your students do not have to download the video to watch it and worry about if they have the required software to play it. 


Record content with Zoom

1. Download and log into Zoom. If you need to download Zoom check out the Zoom Quickstart Guide.

2. Click the New Meeting button to start a Zoom meeting.

3. Check your microphone and camera to make sure they are working and click Join with Computer Audio.

4. If you want to record content on your computer, click Share Screen. Then, select Desktop/Screen1 and click Share.

5. When ready press the record button to begin.

6. When done recording, press Stop

Note: To record multiple videos, press the record button a second time and press stop when done recording a second video.

7. When you have recorded enough videos, click End Meeting

8. Your video will be converted to a MP4 video file and saved in a Zoom folder on your device. 

Note: The time it will take to convert the video will vary depending on the length of the video.


Upload video to YouTube

1. Sign into YouTube, click on the camcorder with a plus sign icon to start a new video and select Upload video

2. Drag and drop or select your file to upload.

3. Give your video a Title, select a thumbnail, and select the Audience that No, it's not made for kids.

4. Click Next. You can skip the Video elements and select Next.

5. Set the Visibilty to Unlisted. You do not need to schedule a date to publish your video.

6. Select Save


Add video to a Canvas Course

1. In YouTube Channel videos, hover your mouse over the video and select the View on YouTube button. 

2. Click Share underneath the video and click Copy

3. Open your Canvas Course, click on the Pages tool and select +Page.

4. Give your page a Title and paste the YouTube link in the textbook.

5. Click Save and Publish

Note: You can organize your pages using Modules or have students use the pages tool to access your videos.

Last Updated: 3/19/20