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Report Suspicious Email

What is phishing, or online fraud?

Phishing (pronounced: fishing) is an online-fraud technique that is used by criminals to lure you into disclosing your personal information, which then enables the thief to:

Apply for and get credit in your name.

Empty your bank account and charge expenses to the limit of your credit cards.

Remove money from your accounts.

Use a copy of your debit card to withdraw your money from anywhere in the world.


Warning signs

It's likely that fraud is being tried when you are asked to:

Provide personal information to an unknown source.

Verify your account information with the threat of suspending your account.

Sell an item with a promise of payment that is much more than the item is worth.

Make direct monetary donations.


To Report a suspicious email:

1. Open the email and click the Report Message button in the Home tab in the Protection section.

Outlook report email button








2. Select Phishing. Wayne State College will receive a notification along with the email flagged that it is suspicious. 

Outlook report email phishing option in menu








Last Updated: 9/30/19