Wayne State College

Reserve a State Vehicle


Step 1. Reserve your vehicle

1. Log into Firefly.

2. Click Travel and Expense Reporting.

Travel and expense reporting tile

3. Select NSCS Reserve State Vehicle.

Nscs reserve state vehicle. tile

4. Fill out the reservation form and paste your Travel Request ID from your Concur travel request in the Notes section.

State college vehicle reservation form

5. Click Submit.

State college vehicle reservation form submit button

Note: To reserve more than one vehicle, include the number/type of additional vehicles needed and the names of the driver(s) in the Special Instructional field.

Note: Your travel request must be approved before your vehicle reservation will be finalized.

Note: You will receive an email confirmation of your state vehicle reservation.


Step 2. Pick up state vehicle


Note: You will need your CAT CARD to pick up the keys to your state vehicle.

Note: Your key will be available 30 minutes prior to your travel request departure time.Campus Services Building and parking lot 11 map

1. Drive to the Campus Services building and park in the lot behind the building (North Side).

2.  Access the building through Door 16For after-hours entry, utilize your CAT CARD with the door access panel to the right of the door.

Door 16

Door 16 card reader

3. The key box is located on your left.

4. Tap your CAT CARD on the card reader to the right of the key box, pull up on the metal lever and pull the door towards you to open the key box door.

Vehicle key box

5. Turn the key to the Left and pull out the key(s) with the green light. 

Note: If you have reserved more than one vehicle, more than one key light will be lit. 

6. Close the key box and exit out Door 16, making sure both doors are closed all the way.

Note: The license plate number of the state vehicle assigned to you will be on the key chain. 


Step 3. Return state vehicle

1. Park the state vehicle in the designated area on the east side of the parking lot. 

2. During business hours, access the building through Door16. During nonbusiness hours, use your CAT CARD to access the Campus Services building using Door 16 and access the key box.

3. Push in and turn your state vehicle key to the right into the same key hole you removed your key(s) from indicated by the green light. 

Note: Return your keys only when you are completely done with the vehicle. You will not get your keys back out of the box. 

4. Close the key box and exit out Door 16, making sure both doors are closed all the way. 

Note: If you forget to return your key (or if you’re running late), you’ll receive a reminder e-mail to return your key 30 minutes after your scheduled return time.  The e-mail will contain instructions on whom to contact if you’re running late.  Campus Security will get an e-mail 90 minutes after your scheduled return time.  

In the case of a change in departure time due to impending weather or other unforeseen circumstance, call Motor Pool at 402-375-7278 or Facility Services at 402-375-7274 during business hours to request a revised departure time.  After hours, contact Campus Security at 402-375-7216.

Problems with using your CAT CARD, contact the WSC Service Center at (402) 375-7107. After hours, contact Campus Security at 402-375-7216.


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Last Updated: 04/16/24