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Kelly Wenig

[email protected]


Tutor schedules vary. Visit the peer tutor page for individual tutor schedules.

Holland Peer Tutors

The Holland Peer Tutors are academically talented students who provide free assistance to students enrolled at Wayne State College. Their goal is to help other students achieve the greatest possible academic success, improve retention rates, and organize new programs in response to student needs. Peer tutors are a significant part of student success at Wayne State College. Tutors are compensated for their services, and their functions include:

  • Providing support services to increase the probability of a student’s success in passing academic subjects
  • Individualizing the learning / teaching process for students
  • Increasing a student’s self-confidence and motivation
  • Helping students improve study habits and techniques that will permit them to become independent learners
  • Communicating with faculty regarding course needs

If you want to help your peers in learning material for a class, apply to become a peer tutor. Compensation is $11 per hour.  Apply on CatTracks by logging in to myWSC.

Eligibility: GPA of 3.0 or higher (2.0 if recent grades suggest high potential); Excellent interpersonal skills; Eager to learn and contribute (opportunities to help are plentiful); Must be a positive academic role model
communication skills