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Pammy Levinson

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WSC Ambassadors

Wayne State Ambassadors are volunteers, represent the best aspects of the college, and serve as role models for all new WSC students. Campus activities like Welcome Weekend and New Student Orientation rely heavily on the experience and enthusiasm of WSC Ambassadors to guide the newest members of the Wildcat family. Ambassadors attend team leader/ambassador training to become knowledgeable about WSC's past and present and learn the policies and practices of the college. You'll provide assistance to new students and report any retention concerns to Welcome Weekend or NSO staff. This is a great way to show your WSC pride and be a role model for your peers at the same time!

Eligibility: Knowledgeable about Wayne State’s past and present; involved in college activities; strong interest in seeing others succeed; student in good standing; good working knowledge of the policies and practices of the college