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NSEA Aspiring Educators

The mission of the Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA) Aspiring Educators (formerly the club WSEAN) is to develop in prospective educators an understanding of the education profession, provide for a united student voice in matters affecting their profession, influence the conditions under which prospective educators are prepared, forward the aim of high quality education, and stimulate the highest ideals of professional ethics, standards, and attitudes. 

Mission statement: We, the members of the NSEA Aspiring Educators, believe the purpose of public education is to promote a democratic society. Therefore the following principles guide our union's work.

Our vision: To attain a great public education for every student.

Our core values: We value equal access to a quality education that is adequately and equitably funded. We value diversity as being vital to the education process and integral in preparing students to function in a democratic society that protects human and civil rights. We value being accurately informed activists contributing to the ever-changing system of public education. We value partnerships that foster excellence, nurture a desire for lifelong learning, and create responsible, productive citizens. We value the expertise of education professionals and recognize that fair compensation and respect are vital for a quality public education.


President: Jadin Ostrand
Vice President: Emma Beutler
Secretary: Emily Brodd
Treasurer: Shelby Hein
Local Publicity/Membership Chairperson: Jillian Buzzard
Historian: Jadyn Burenheide

What is NSEA Aspiring Educators?

NSEA Aspiring Educators is a branch of NSEA (Nebraska State Education Association) and NEA (National Education Association). Formerly the club WSEAN, it is a group for all education majors. With becoming a member of NSEA Aspiring Educator,s you get many benefits: A $1,000,000 Liability Insurance, The NEA Today and Voice (magazines keeping you up to date with the teaching profession), a membership card that gives you discounts to various places, and don’t forget a chance to meet new friends across the state!

What does NSEA Aspiring Educators do?

During our regular meetings, you can get to know other education majors through games and activities as well as gain information that is related to the teaching profession. We often have guest speakers that have been state-level NSEA representatives, area administrators, past WSC Aspiring Education Students, and first-year teachers.

As part of the statewide level of Nebraska State Education Association - Aspiring Educators, we have the opportunity to attend fall and spring conferences, hosted by Aspiring Educator chapters from other institutions in Nebraska. We even host them at WSC every few years. During the spring conference, there is opportunity to engage in the Delegate Assembly where state-level executive board members are selected and we vote on new laws that we would like the state-level Aspiring Educators to have.

One important thing to remember about our Wayne State chapter and the state-level events is that you get to meet a lot of great people and make some friends who you may have never had a chance to have known!

How to become a member:

To become a member all you have to do is visit the Nebraska State Education Association website and sign up and attend meetings.

There is a fee of $35, but this is making you a member of the NSEA-AE, the NSEA, and NEA. This means that you not only belong to a local organization, but also a state and national organization as well. You will have to pay your fee online, but the executive team will be more than willing to help you with this is you have any problems.

Eligibility: Open to all WSC students pursuing careers in education