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Multifactor Authentication (Duo) FAQs

Listed below are commonly asked questions with answers about Multifactor Authentication (Duo).


I got a new phone (same phone number) and now Duo Push isn’t working. How do I setup Duo Push again?

Call Me

1. Go to TrueYou at trueyou.nebraska.edu. Click Login. Sign on with either your WSC credentials or your NUID.

2. Use the Call Me option to accept the DUO sign in.

3. Click Manage TrueYou Duo Two-Factor Devices.

4. Click Device Options  next to the phone you want to re-activate.

5. Click Reactivate Duo Mobile and answer the questions to re-activate your phone.

6. Duo will present a barcode with instructions to relink the phone or you can be emailed the activation link. Scan the barcode or click the link to re-activate your phone. 


Recover Duo-Protected Accounts with Instant Restore

Apple iOS.   

Note: To use Instant Restore you must have previously backed up your device with iCloud (with iCloud Keychain on) or an encrypted iTunes or Finder backup.


Note: To use Instant Restore you must have previously backed up your Duo Mobile accounts to Google Drive. You must also have access to Duo Mobile on your old Android device in order to use Instant Restore to restore your Duo-protected account backup to your new device.


I got a new phone and new phone number what should I do? 

Call the Service Center at (402) 375-7107. We will need to verify your identity and then use a bypass code to get you enrolled into DUO.


I don't have a cell phone. What do I do?

Call the Service Center at (402) 375-7107 and we will discuss your best options.


When I tried to approve my authentication on my smartphone, I get the error "Cellular Data is Turned Off for Duo Mobile. You can turn on cellular data for this app in Settings."

This means your smartphone is not connected to Wifi. You have two options. The first option is to turn on the option to use Cellular Data for the Duo Mobile app in the Settings of your smartphone. Tap Settings, locate the Cellular Data option and turn it on. The second option is to not turn on Cellular Data usage by tapping Ok and have the Duo Mobile app generate a passcode that you will view on the phone and type into the textbox on your computer.


Please contact the Campus Service Center at 402-375-7107 or [email protected] if you need further assistance.


Last Updated: 06/21/2022