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Sakai 11 Student FAQs


What is Sakai?

The course management software used at Wayne State College is called Sakai.  Sakai is an open source, web-based software system. The Sakai software includes many of the features common to course management systems, including document distribution, a grade book, discussion, live chat, assignment uploads, and online testing.


What kinds of things will I be expected to do in an online course?

Online courses are much like classroom courses in that students will be expected to complete reading from textbooks and/or electronic materials, write papers, conduct research, take exams and quizzes, and make presentations, and complete individual and group projects.  Some instructors will also provide lecture material in written or PowerPoint format, and may even offer online video materials.  Students will participate in class discussion through the discussion board and complete all group work online.


Can I start an online course before the beginning of the semester? Can I finish an online course later than the end of the regular semester?

No.  Online courses begin the first day of each semester. Depending on the instructor, students may have access to the course a few days before classes start; use this time to become familiar with the course website.  Unless otherwise stated, you must complete all course requirements for an online course by the end of the semester.


Can I work at my own pace or do I need to follow a class schedule?

Online courses are not self-paced courses.  Students follow a syllabus, turn in assignments and projects and take exams and quizzes on dates scheduled for the course by the instructor.


How do I access and login to my Wayne State College Online course?

Students should access WSC Online courses via eCampus. Go to the Online Resources drop-down menu and select Sakai 11 from the menu. You should be directed to a Sakai Home page. Click on the tabs at the top of the page to enter your online classes. If you do not see any courses across the top, click on the Sites menu in the top right and select the course. If you have problems logging in, go to the eCampus page and click Password Help to reset your password.  If you need additional help, contact the NATS Help Desk at 375-7107, or send an e-mail to helpdesk@wsc.edu.


I have logged on to Sakai and I am not seeing my class. What do I do?

There are several things to consider if you do not see your class listed in Sakai:

1. Course and project sites appear as tabs across the top of the screen in the Site Navigation Bar. Click a tab to go to the corresponding site. If you do not see any courses across the top, click on the Sites menu in the top right and select the course.
2. Has it been longer than 24 hours since you enrolled in an online course? It takes at least a full day for Sakai to refresh who is enrolled in each class. Log back into Sakai and check for your class after 24 hours.
3. Has the semester has started yet. If the new semester has not started, then there is a possibility that the instructor has not published the online course, making it available, yet. 

If your class is not visible after considering these options contact the WSC Help Desk at 375-7107, or send an e-mail to helpdesk@wsc.edu to inquire about your online course.


How do I navigate and use Sakai?

For a brief overview of feature and how to navigate Sakai click here.


How do I contact other students in the class?

The Messages tool in Sakai will allow you to email each student and/or the instructor.


What types of files are acceptable to turn in for assignments?

The file format will be determined by the instructor and the software used.  Sakai will allow the instructor to set acceptable formats.  File formats associated with Microsoft Office are the primary formats accepted. Using Star Office and Open Office file formats are prohibited.


If students upload images or presentations including images, should they be resized and/or compress?

If you are creating a presentation using images taken with a digital camera, they can be quite large. Usually this should not cause problems, as the Sakai upload limit is 50mb. However, if you are creating a lengthy presentation with multiple images, it is recommended that the images be compressed. This can be done easily with Microsoft Office Picture Manager (open your image file in Picture Manager, pull down the Picture menu, select Compress, select Compress for: Web pages, and click OK) or other image editing software.


How do I get technical help?

If you need assistance, contact your instructor or the WSC Help Desk at (402) 375-7107, e-mail helpdesk@wsc.edu.

Last Updated: 4/16/18